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Trophy reset and alliance members


The only good thing about a trophy reset is inactive members can be identified after some time has gone by if they are still at 0. Seems reliable?

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With the exception of those who choose to sit out the tournament by not battling.

I believe it only updates trophies if you battle, those logging in and only hunting will still be at zero. I could very well be incorrect.


I’m wrong. Once you log in, your trophies are updated in alliance.

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I pretty much sit it out, cuz I always lose too many trophys, so I wait til it ends pretty much each season


I sit it out for awhile and let those that are going to rise do so. So far it seems like logging in updates the trophy count. I’m going to watch and see.


A member is on and still at 0, hmmm


Are they changing the way they do the reset? Before it only affected people over a certain number of trophies. People below that threshold were unaffected so nobody was getting set back to 0.


This tourney and last everyone was at a zero after maintenance. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: Unreliable… I’m showing to be at 0 on the hubby’s game.