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Trophy stuck

I’m stuck at 1558 trophy count and I’m wondering if it’s my team. So I’m asking for any suggestions. Please and thank you!!Screenshot_20210502-093558_JW Alive Screenshot_20210502-093611_JW Alive Screenshot_20210502-093621_JW Alive Screenshot_20210502-093630_JW Alive Screenshot_20210502-093642_JW Alive Screenshot_20210502-093655_JW Alive Screenshot_20210502-093720_JW Alive Screenshot_20210502-093728_JW Alive Screenshot_20210502-093736_JW Alive

I schall do the t.rex in your team. He’s useful for if your opponent have a dinosaur with schield…

And also the velociraptor ( common) he’d aldo very useful. Try to make him a high level also…

I think the problem is that you have way too much resilients. Try add one cunning (e.g. velociraptor, veloshracos, erlikogamma) to your team and replace it with any resilient but sarcorixis, really. I’ll also add wooly rhino and thylactator to your team. Rhino is packed with damage and stun and thylac’s a good tank counter.

Ok thanks I’ll look into that, thank you!! I’m looking get into a decent alliance since I’m more active!

Thank you I’ll look into making those changes!

I would stop levelling up boa and level up dilopho gen 2 instead and get dilophoboa to replace titano because here’s a neat trick with it spam cunning strike and you’ll win the game, sidestep against cunning’s and if they have distraction res just rampage and impact.

Get rid of Edmontoguanodon, that thing has no business being in a pvp team.

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