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Trophy system is broken not matchmaking

I don’t think match making is that bad, I don’t mind playing people way higher than me - although it’s should be a normal distribution, very likely to play people around your trophy level and much less unlikely to play people with vastly different trophies (ie likelihood of playing should fall away with trophy distance)

The issue I think is the trophy system. People within 300-400 of you are typically just as likely to be the same or better in regards to their characters/gear as they are to be worse, for example I just lost 48 trophies in which I fought a team that was 300-400 trophies lower than me but which had vastly better gear on every character (didn’t help that I got ripped by turn order and abilities not proc’ing). It’s ridiculous that I can fight five teams that are just as good as mine but happen to be lower in trophies, win all five for 50 points total then lose the lot in one battle against a team that was better than mine

The same can happen with teams that are far worse than yours, a team that is not good overall can still beat you with a single move Eg get dominate on your wizard (and you don’t have the right characters to remove it or defend against it) decimate your team because amongst the garbage they have an archer with legendary bow etc etc - so a pack of losers beats you and fifty trophies down the gurgler that you’ve taken 5 battles to earn

It would be better if trophies were simply equal for wins and losses (provided matchmaking followed something like a series of normal distributions - normally distributed around your trophy count). Then people would naturally find their “rightful” spot

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Fighting way higher is silly, and those liking it, sillier. I’m 2300 fighting 4700, R-I-D-U-C-L-O-U-S

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Not really every now and then is fine just shouldnt happen a lot like it is.

I have won a few against opponents 1-2k above me

Further , you only lose 10 points when the difference is that big yet you get 50 trophies if you win - you should be able to win 1 in 6

So looks who’s silly now


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Ridiculous* :wink:

I get what you are saying about the trophy system. The idea though is that if you lose to someone that is lower in trophies but somewhat stronger and you lose 50 they will gain 50 and have to fight stronger opponents afterwards… in the long run people should move up and down and fight others whose trophies match their strength. The problem happens when a strong person goes on a bad run and it drops them down too far and they are then fighting opponents weaker than them.

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Oh yeah there’s that too :wink:

Another thing that happens is when they reset and contract everyone’s scores… by the end of the season there is a range from newbies all the way up to people who are strong/skilled enough to get into the 10’s of thousands. With people spread out that far people who are stronger can be easily a few hundred or thousand ahead of those that are weaker, but then everyone is put into a much smaller range of scores which makes it so that someone who may have been a thousand ahead of you may only be a couple of hundred or even less.

There’s also that the boundaries between the leagues will be heavily contended :stuck_out_tongue:

Lots of turnover

Yeah, I don’t mind the idea of the leagues… basically they are just new arenas and give bonuses for higher scores. The matchmaking should be so that even if you only fight people in your league you should still fight the ones who are near your trophy count. Trophies are still designed to be the measure of your relative strength.

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Don’t think fighting those in your league can work as there often won’t be enough people on at the same time, partic for peeps in different time zones like me in Oz who have a much smaller pool fighting at the same time.

Unless they bring back bots which I would be fine with p, I really don’t understand the issue with bots

Despite the title it’s a bit of both really - personally I’d prefer the trophy system to be changed and then simply revert the match making to what we had previously :wink:

Yeah I don’t mind bots either. I’d prefer real people but I also get that there may not be people on who are close to my score… I would like to see an option to refuse a battle based on relative scores. If you want to risk fighting someone 1000 higher or lower than you you can.

Maybe let you refuse 2 or 3, or even one, and then you get put against a bot where you can only win half the trophies or something like that.

Also like I said before, leagues really are just an extension of the arenas. The difference is the arenas maxed out with 2200 to get in. If they hadn’t called them leagues and just added an 8th, 9th, etc arenas we wouldn’t even be talking about them other than the matchmaking

I just got beat by someone 1k points lower than me. It wasn’t skill on either of our parts. All his attacks hit with multiple crits and none were resisted. Most of my attacks either missed, were resisted or did astoundingly little damage. There is no possible way that this was legit or luck. This was the game deciding that I needed to lose and the other player needed to win. As a case in point, after losing 50 points for the uneven matchup (which coincidentally enough was exactly how many points I’d just earned after five wins against -1k opponents), I got the exact same player with almost the same group makeup. Didn’t even scratch my team whilst I obliterated theirs in two rounds.

Anyone who believes this game isn’t rigged is delusional.

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Every now and then you’ll get big runs of bad luck - randomness is very lumpy

Having said that I don’t think it’s close to truly random (but I don’t think it’s rigged either)

I had the same by the way, did 1/4 my usual damage on every hit without any debuffs was redic

Unfortunately there is no way to bypass bad luck. I recently had a run where I lost 4 of 5 against much weaker opponents. The bad luck resulted in poor synergy and poor attacks. If we physically rolled our initiative, attacks. damage, we would encounter similar streaks.
I doubt the game has any interest in keeping any particular players down. I have had a terrible week in PvP, with continued losses to weaker opponents, but I highly doubt the app is attempting to make me lose.

Hopefully, if an update comes, it will rebalance the matches, making loosing streaks less punishing.

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Orloch I agree 100 percent. I dealt poker for 6 years and there were many many times where I saw players who were much better than others have losing streaks just because of bad luck with the cards. If some of the beats and some of the lengths of time where it seemed like someone just couldn’t win were made into a phone game you’d be hearing the same conspiracy theories you read about this game. Sometimes bad luck just happens

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Easy to make it random and equating to advertised proc rates over many trials but more lumpy within short windows making it appear “rigged” when in actuality it’s just a product of making an addictive probability schedule

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