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Tropic Thunder wants YOU!

We’re a new alliance on paper, but our leaders come from TOP alliances. We offer level 20 sanctuaries and max donations to all that contribute with the daily tasks. We are constantly rerunning raids, so all of our members get a piece of the action. We are open to all players that love the game and our looking for a solid alliance that has your back. We will do everything that we can to help you rise to the top. We’re currently sitting at 30 players, but we are looking to fill the roster!

Our only rules are:

Contribute in weekly missions and daily raids
Get the 10 takedowns each weekend in the tourney
Get 10 takedowns each day for the daily battle incubator
Join our Discord

We offer cash links and raid strats broken down by each day on Discord.

Please reach out to dtb#0576 on DISCORD if you’re interested in joining our team!