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Trouble with game loading

Been trying to load game today without success. As it loads it stops progressing when it reaches recruiting heroes. Have tried clearing space and memory then reboot. Game is on my sd card. Any recommendations are appreciated. Thanks

Have you tried deleting it completely, reinstalling it to your phone first?

@DylanRamsey Not yet. Afraid to lose my progress.

Did you link the game to Facebook? If you did then its backed up there. Otherwise you’re right to wait. If you have your screenshot of your player ID you can email support. Just search the forums for @Ned , he has posted the support email several times. It has a + symbol in it.

Hey Mezlord, try forgetting and re-adding your WiFi network on your device and see if that helps.

If you’re still having issues, our team would be happy to try and help you if you reach out to them here at with your support key.

@Ned , @DylanRamsey Thank You both. Will give to WiFi solution first then contact support if that does not work. Believe game was properly linked to Facebook and Google Play.

@Ned is that email link valid? Tried sending email about my issue along with account info screen shot, etc… and when I attempted to send got invalid email error.

The support section says

Thanks @Kazoo Discovered it was dropping the + in the address that was causing the issue. Sent an email to both just in case.

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