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True Confessions - How many boosts do you have?

With the recent announcement of Boosts 2.0, I’m sure there will be many people who go through the laborious task of counting up every boost they have applied to their dinosaurs to insure they get them all back during the reset. (Full Disclosure: I have.)

I have applied 3146 boosts to my dinosaurs and have another 54 in my inventory for a total of 3200 boosts. Of those I applied, I put 1022 into HP, 1016 into Attack, and 1108 into Speed. That’s much more balanced than I thought I would be considering speed is so much more powerful and valuable than the other two.

I’m certain I spent less than $50 US in real money… so the vast majority of these were all from strike towers, daily battle incubators, the reimbursement during the last rollout, and whatever other in-game rewards I’m forgetting. I’m a very active player, and if there’s free boosts then I’m there.

So… that’s my true confession.

How many do YOU have?

Not too sure without doing the math on what is spent in dinos, but what I currently have saved up is 240ish health, 310ish attack, and 425ish speed. with a number of dinos mostly t5 boosts, and a couple of t6s. I can do the math in a bit tho.

I used a spreadsheet.

If you take the current tier for each boost on a dinosaur and enter “=(2^(tier+1)-2)” it will convert the tier into the boosts required to get there. (Example: Tier 3 is 2 to the 4th power minus 2. That’s (2x2x2x2) - 2 = 16-2 = 14. Working backwards… getting tier 1 = 2 boosts, getting tier 2 = 4 boosts, getting tier 3 = 8 boosts. 2+4+8 = 14.)

Or just look at the amount needed to advance to next tier and subtract 2.

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Actually, that’s what the equation 2^(tier+1)-2 means in normal English.

The (tier+1) is the next level and subtract two. (grin)
We use powers of two (2^) because it doubles for each tier.

[PS: Looks like True Confessions just turned into a Math Lesson.]

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I know. Just making it easier for the math challenged.

I have 3,712 total which includes 962 on the bench.

1,039 Health
1,314 Damage
1,359 Speed

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I’ll let you know when they give them all back and the number is in my inventory. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t pay attention to boosts so pick a number between 1 and 999999999999.

Ok I’m seriously maths challenged so what is the amount of boosts to get to 6/6/6 ?
Or how to work it out in plain English because I don’t understand the formula.

Open a creature and select a stat.

If it says that you need to apply 64 Boosts to get to the next Tier, then you have already used 62 Boosts which is 2 less than 64.

If it says 16 Boosts to next Tier, then you have already used 14 Boosts which is 2 less than 16.


I did the math.
1,063 health
1,120 attack
1,162 speed
For everything.

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I’m guessing you forgot to add in the ones that you haven’t spent yet.

Thanks Kwaack, but I found the game press article and there is a comprehensive list on it that makes it easy for the mathematically challenged like me!
As things stand I have 4422 boosts, thanks to the tapjoy offers.
560 are on the bench and I’m not sure whether it would be wise to use them now in case I don’t get them refunded …

Based on my spreadsheet trying to do 8 daily a week.and buying everything I could.
I believe this is my cumulative totals.
Health 2657
Attack 2682
Speed 1677

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No. I added those in. I didn’t buy a whole lot of boosts from the store. Only when I had the HC for them.

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Health 1052 and 87 avail.
Rest something similar I guess, too much work to check :slight_smile:

It appears as though 7,000 is close to the maximum attainable to this point.

That’s a lot of trust right there… :wink:

Ok, I did the math… there is one dino I know I boosted in a sanctuary so these aren’t 100% correct, but-

2472 health + 22 on hand = 2494
2452 attack + 19 on hand = 2471
1542 speed + 31 on hand = 1573

I’d say in all I boosted at least one stat on about 35-40 dinos.

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2334 health
2517 attack
1637 speed

I missed a few dailies and a couple sales.

The bulk are invested in nine dinos.