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True Erlidominus VS Indoraptor The "Movie" Trailer

Erlidominus: I’m here for us to decide who the true best Indominus hybrid is…

A Battle Between The Indominus Bloodline…

Indoraptor: I don’t know about that, Erlidom…

(Erlidom Slashes Indo)

(Indo Smashes Erlidom To The Ground)

Erlidom: When I’m in Cloak, NOTHING can stop me.

Indo: You can’t keep up with me in Evo 2.

A battle between rivals…

(Both Land Crits)

Who will win?

Erlidominus VS Indoraptor The “Movie” Coming Soon

Who will win in the movie?

  • Erlidominus
  • Indoraptor

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Erlidom would win hands down. While it may be slower or not as agile than indoraptor, it has size, strength, and long claws that could easily slice and dice Ripper. Another thing that erlidom has going for it is its armored back with spines protruding out of everywhere, if Ripper were to try and get onto erlidom’s back, he’d have a spikey surprise

This is also taking game mechanics… Indoraptor actually has its evolutions from JWTG on its side so get ready

While Ripper may have some armor plating, it’s nowhere near as durable or defensive as erlidom

I’m actually doing part 1 today, should be out in a few…

Indoraptor at level 40 doesn’t really gain much besides some more quills on its back, and a new paint job. Also by the look of them they look to be soft.

Although it does make you wonder, what would a level 40 erlidom look like in jwtg.

Maybe this?

The trick to making a creature look like it’s an evo from JW: TG is that the soft natural colors are super vibrant in the final evp, and that features like spikes and horns look insane

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Tropical nightmare chicken, I like it!

It was simply an amplification of erlidoms natural color