True Love

True love is when you are stuck at home and an Epic dino spawns just out of reach and your husband (who has to make a quick errand) offers to take your phone and drive out of his way to try and get it for you!:joy:


giiiiiirl…he just wanna look through your phone.

i kid, it sounds like that dino isnt the only epic thing in your life.


Hahaha. The funny tging about this comment is that there is a possibility it might be true. Hahahha. True love they say :wink:

I do this for my hubby all the time
I’m the one in the passenger seat trying to balance 2 phones and dart dinos one handed so he can get good ones too.


I hope he’s a good darter! :joy:

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This is me exactly. :heart_eyes::rofl:

When my wife and I go out; she has my iPad with her and shoots all the dinosaurs for me and tells me where to go for epics and rares. I let her do my weekly event dinos part of the time bc she can get more dna on them than I can. She got over 200+ on each of the 6 mono this last weekend.


Bahaha! Believe me I am a stay at home with 3 kids and 2 of them are one year old twins… the most exciting thing going on in my life right now is going to the grocery store by myself! I can’t hardly shower daily let alone have an affair! Ain’t nobody got time for that!

My husband finally got into JW world after months of making fun of my oldest daughter (4) and I about how ridiculously obsessed we are with it. Now he is just as obsessed and I have to do the same in the car! My phone in one hand and his in the other!

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Its always nice to see couples or even families getting some gaming action together. :heart_eyes:

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