True random selection?

Just noticed whenever I reach ruins around 4100+ trophy, my Stegod is almost always not selected, making it harder to win battles, when I’m bummed down to Sorna, it magically pops up frequently in the 4 member battle team again, making it easier to win battles.

Incidentally the Stegod is the highest lvl in the 8 dinos team(lvl24), the rest is average 20+. Mix of rares, epics & lengendaries.

Has noticed this loop pattern occurring twice ie reach 4100+, Stegod disappears from selection, lose trophies, go down Sorna, Stegod reappears in selection, win trophies, go up ruins. Rinse n repeat.

Can’t help but wonder if there are some hidden mechanics in the selection :confused:

I’ve noticed a loss streak develops soon after hitting a new arena, as well. I drop arenas fairly regularly, so I know it isn’t necessarily the team strength. The picked team does have something to do with it.
I’d suggest swapping out dinos, maybe just rearrange the same ones and see what happens.
I have a hunch the one in the top left spot does not get priority in some situations. Had my indo there and he never got picked for around 15 battles.

Hmm interesting I’ll give it a shot! Cheers!:):hugs:

There’s no such thing as random in this game…it is all pre-determined. The game just want you to believe its random.

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True that, it would be naive to think otherwise.

Or maybe don’t rely on Stegod and have a well balanced team? :woman_shrugging:

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Oh jeez I didn’t want to play a game that is psychic. No one told me. I knew I should have powered my tinfoilosaur


Yep I’m working towards that, still trying to bring up the tragod to a decent level(at least 18ish) b4 bringing him in.

I understand your sarcasm, but it seems you lack a little bit of knowledge…this game is programmed…so for your quest to knowledge, start off by googling the definition of “to program” and then try to link it with the term “randomness” ;-).

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I think their randomness code is something like “<if wins = 4, then pick lowest level creatures until 10 sequential losses > < If losses = 10, then allow strong team for 2 cycles>”


Lol…plus add 1 more line code in btw the 2 lines:
“<& select AI team +5 lvls higher than player team” >
N anyways just managed to level up my tragod to 18 today :slight_smile:

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