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Trust point trading

I would like to see some way to trade trust points with other players or somehow convert them into trust points for different dragons. Trading would vary depending on how many trust points you have that another player wants.


A lot of us have been asking for the ability to turn off dragons we no longer need and convert trust points to dragons we need. It’s not likely it will happen, but we’re hoping! :crossed_fingers:t3:


Trading of any kind is just another way to have people abusing the system.
I would vote NO.


If we could change the trust points for a dragon to another, it would be great. Not necessarily trading with other players, but for trading should be a separate shop.


Suggestion / request, can we please change the way the rewards are done for chests etc and ‘special’ dragons. On the clan battles you receive hearts towards a special dragon at the moment it is the purple buffalord, I already have 4 out of 5 *s filled so I would need one more buffaloed to max him I now have 2 from rewards from chests and seeing how long it takes to fill this is a complete waste, please allow us to exchange or choose which dragon we get rewards for i.e. let us choose the seasonal dragons so we can max where we haven’t managed to in the timed quest otherwise we will never get them for instance the paddies day toothless, this would be once a year. ALSO toothless, I have a completely maxxed out toothless and have gotten 2 more toothless through hearts which again is a complete waste of time, this little gripes are holding people back with getting dragons they actually want. I am level 50 so can’t progress there either, please address these issues, it’s getting VERY frustrating and making me think about quitting the game altogether, thankyou

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I don’t think this would be realistic, if this suggestion came to the game every free player would be asking for skull crusher trust points, skull crusher is meant to be a exclusive flight club dragon, although this would increase player satisfacation, I wouldn’t consider it a good idea.

I mean they could ban Skullcrusher from this feauture or at least make only FC users able to trade for his TPs. And just so this feauture won’t be broken you could do this: 10 TPs of any random dragon = 1 TP of the dragon that you want.


@TheBlueFox696 if such an idea existed it should be a 1:1 ratio not a 10:1 ratio

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I really like the idea of universal TP. Like after every cycle of tp dragons you could have an event that gives UV TP so you can choose who you’d want to give them to. I’ve played a game that does this and it makes leveling up much less repulsive.

Also if we had invantory we could store them and use them later, it could also be restricted to tp you already have in the book, say if you’ve never gotten flight club you can’t get Skullcrusher, or just lock Skullcrusher unless the person has flight club.


It won’t be a great idea, at this point why make different TP events? Why would I wait for windshear’s event to appear to get the 900 more points that I need for her, when I can just play on ohter TP events and then trade? At this point the TPs would be basically universal and there would be no use to have one event for each TP dragon.

I was thinking of the same system. Having a special TP you can use on any of the TP dragons will be especially useful for dragons that only appear once a year. Even in low amounts, it may still be useful while not being broken or an abused system. For example, after every chest you complete you could get a special TP. This way, those who work hard and put extra time into the game will get small, incremental TP on dragons of their choice.

I agree with the inventory system. This should be added not only for this special TP to choose what dragon to use them on, but to see shard count as well.

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Yeah universal TP could be a nice addition to the game. They could for example give it to us in things like the Anniversary battle (For that battle we had to vote for which trust dragon we’d want to see in it and the one that ended up getting the most amount of trust was Light Fury, which wasn’t so great for long time players as they already had LF at 5* by that time.). Universal trust in that event would’ve been really nice and would’ve avoided a lot of dissapointment.

But it should probably be something limited (only appear a couple of times per year). so that you wouldn’t be able to instantly get 3 copies of a new trust dragon in a couple of minutes.

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Universal could be a thing but don’t see a good way of implementing it.
About trading like i say in this thread before, it’s just another way to have people abusing the system.


I’d like to see a system where you can trade excess Trust Points for dragons you don’t like or want for the same number of Trust Points for a dragon you do want. Regardless of colour or event dragon, you can choose to trade Points for Points for another dragon.
For example,I have an excess amount of TPs for Maeve’s Buffalord, and I want to trade some for Dreadfall Toothless. I select which dragons I want to trade TPs with, select the amount you want to remove from the dragon on the left and transfer to the one on the right. Hit ‘Trade’, and done! The points will be deducted from the left dragon and transferred to the balance of the rightmost one.

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Oh, expand your mindset,mate. Think about those players who want this.

I don’t even like Skullcrusher myself and the 30 Points I have, I’d like to use on another dragon, such as Hookfang or Stormfly. Got them during my free trial.

They could add universal TPs, idk (maybe make them a bit more rare than the regular ones since you can use them on any dragon). Or maybe just turn 10 TPs into one TP of the dragon that you want.

Well, cheaters would get all the dragons that way, since they have access to a large amount of maeves buffalord points because they make very little clans to cheat, killing 10 star alphas and getting fast alpha treasures.
It wont be fair for those who use runes to get those dragons through breeding and completing event quests.


@Ben_Perks exactly! You get what I’m saying. I feel that this would improve the game enough people might actually try the trust point events.

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I don’t think he’s close minded, people could actually exploit this (not that i’d mind completing my book, but after that, why do we even play the game? )