Trust points and 5 star Toothless

My Toothless is 5 star, i’m beginning to wonder if thats why:

  1. I never received any additional trust points
  2. I dont see Trustpoints through Exploration


Many didn’t receive their trust points due to an error, try contacting support maybe? Though I do suspect too that it’s because your Toothless is already fully upgraded, it’s just weird because nobody mentioned anything like that.

I don’t even have Toothless yet and I haven’t gotten my TP either. Who do I email?

email with your support key

im not so concerned about why I didn’t get any from the update, but am concerned about why I dont see trust points from story board progression. I kind of would like to have a second Toothless so I can level my current one easier… it takes so many fish and dragons just to level him up 1 lvl.

apparently after a certain point you don’t have trust points at the last stages of the areas (the ones where you normally get runes). Perhaps you’ve already progressed to further than that point?