Trust points purchase problem

Following trust chest means 12.5% of trust points is up to 125 trust points, but when ever we purchased it with diamonds we get only 12 trust points please fix the bug … :triumph::triumph::triumph:

You have a 12,5% chance to get 10-100 (i think) TPs of the dragon that you want, there isnt any issue with the chest

I know what is the chance means but paying with diamonds and the option of all unique dragons it means that the 12.5% trust points of any of those dragons we can get not 12 or 25 trust points. It means 12.5% trust points of the following dragons shown in the chest and 12.5% of 1000 is 125 ok

Thats not how it works, the 12,5% are the odds to get that specific TP, not how many tps from a specific dragon you’re gonna get.