Truth about arena

So here is the truth,

My arena trophy is 3800 but then i lose 7 times in a row i drop to 3600.
Lose because i face high level opponent and one of the opponent that has all stun when att.
I complaint Arena hard.
Start in 3600 i no longer face high level opponent I faced very easy opponent and overpower them win 3 times.
Those player that match up with me was lower trophy or almost similar.
They being bullied back by my overpower team.
They start to blame too and complaint.
This Repeat to everyone.

Another truth is the arena was not appealing enough in the beginning.
Most player is only play it win just for the incubator.
Due to this issue, many inactive player in the arena make the matchup not balance.
Developer decide in order to make people stay battle in the arena is to screw their match up so they keep losing and play the arena.

That is the hard truth.

and they will never fix it.

Suggestion: Stop playing or start cheating now. Cause Paying them money wont get you anywhere.

Hit me with your hardest.


I play 3 hours a day, spend a bit of money here and there and can’t keep up with everyone else, that’s fair enough, if you’re not playing or paying as much as everyone else, you’re gonna fall behind. S’obvious how things are here after 3 months, I still enjoy the game personally, but if you don’t , well, bye.

I play for free and play for fun. I don’t get on big losing streaks very often, and feel I am slowly progressing. As long as my team is getting better and I keep learning new strategies it will be fun. So far Ludia has done well with introducing new things over time, so they still have my attention. I’ve been playing since Beta. If you have a bad run of battles, just take a break.

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And on top of that, The arena is rigged. I use to think it was luck they got a perfect dodge, crit or stun. But no, countless times I have failed dodges, stuns or crits, heck 99.9% of the time if you are not rigged to win you won’t see them. Not only that but your deck will be perfectly rigged to either counter or be countered. The arena is a joke and needs to be fixed by dino levels with keeping the rank inside the brackets. It’s a garbage system we have and is forcing me to stop playing. I don’t need this BS taking up my time.

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