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Truth about Battle Arena

I’ve played thousands of battles and never had 3 critical hits in a row against any opponent yet it happens routinely to me. I was able to message with several opponents whom I had just battled with and neither of us won the battle even though it showed my opponent won. What can I conclude from this? We do realize Ludia has paid trolls on here that spread misinformation that this is impossible.


I’ll just state that rng had always been very very streaky with this game. It seeks to like to hard correct.

After a long time if my stuns landing far more than 75% of the time, for 2 days they landed less than 30%.

Then, this happened:

So I dont think they are paying trolls. I think they need to figure out how to code/use a better rng simulator.


I do not believe you.
Someone had to win the battle unless it’s one of those weird bugs.
Every opponent I’ve ever battled that I’ve messaged afterward one of us won

Couldnt agree with you more… everything we’ve seen from Ludia has shown their pretty bad when it comes to coding things . Most of this is most likely to do with switching game engines halfway into development of this game. This was their first game on the unity engine and they litterally switched over halfway in the development cycle and still hit their release date. On many features they settled for somewhat working. To hit this date they most likely implemented an rng system that was working “close enough”.

Ludia hasnt been able to get this game to be able to change connections from wifi-cell without a hard reset. They cant even program a working alliance chat. Yet these conspiracy theories on rng pop up all the time when we have an overwhelming amount of evidence its a competency issue.


Even the most naive player should realize that it does not matter what level the Dino has.
Even the pay and win boosts do not decide on victory or defeat.
But only the software decides when we can win!
We do not fight against humans, PvP, but against software, not four to four, but the software chooses from eight dinos during the fight, how disgusting is that?
why do not they show us before the fight the four opposing dinos?
Why do we always put the first Dino in the fight?
Why is not this done in turn?
First fight, we put the first Dino, next fight, the opponent puts the first Dino, …
because they can not manipulate us so easily!
It’s very easy to prove that two people with their four dinos do not fight each other in real time!

…I’ve got nothin.
When did peeps start going all conspiracy theories?

When Ludia stopped communicating with us. :laughing:

All we can do is speculate, wonder, and come up with crazy ideas.