TRY small league and big league in the seasonal tournament

I have an idea: maybe LUDIA can held a big league and a small league together in the seasonal tournament. (seems many players under 4000 complaining about unfair game rule)

players with existing score under 4000 start in the small league=> when score > 4500 (a small prize, just once during the tournament) => promote to big league, and if drop below 4000, downgrade to small league.

players with existing score over 4000 start in the big league where veteran players fight for glory. then a bigger prize for strong players and a small prize for others. also could be downgraded to small league if score < 4000.


Nice idea. How do you determine winner of the little league and what is to stop players with more powerful teams just dropping down to the little league with the intent to crush all there?

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It will be good have Divisions,like 3. And will be measured by our Levels.We all reset to a certain point and 8-12 lvl will be in Division 3 , 12-16 will be in Division 2 and 16-20 will be in Division 1. Every Division Winners will have separate rewards.First Division 2 player will have the same reward as the last Division 1 player

Simple! Make the little league prize the same as the lowest prize of the big league! No point in dropping down if the top prize is worse or the same between the top of little and the bottom of big!


I see it as a very good idea, I could even make different “divisions”, like in football (soccer :slight_smile:

And as Rolybert says, the solution is simple. All the participants have a prize. The worst prize in a division is the best prize in the lower division.


So this is a good idea, but merely a bandaid on a larger problem. The reason people are not able to compete for top prizes is because of the fact that spawns are abysmal in this game. I’ve not seen an oranosaurus in over a month now and have collected 43k deinocheirus dna because I live in that zone. The epic also lives there but is all but extinct. In general, the spawns are terrible, and unless you want to burn 2-3 extra full gas tanks a week driving to play, you aren’t going to get to compete. This idea will serve only to pacify some unhappy people but ultimately won’t change anything. The fact that Dino’s cost coins to level and we only get so many coins a day should create enough of a bottle neck for players to spend money on the game for coins… but instead, they squeeze incubator purchases too because of the horrendous spawn rate of various quality epics.

Again, I’m all for this idea, but it will treat only a symptom and not the cause

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Completely agree. In each post I do the same reflection. I love this game but the worst of it is how difficult, almost impossible, it is to find epic and even some rare. I live in zone 1 and I have never seen a sinoceratops and I can count on the fingers of one hand the Dilophosauros that I have seen.

In any case, it is not the only cause of non-evolution. I have come to create a very good Team based on a single epic, the Trex, which is relatively common. Some of the best dinos in the game do not need epics for their creation (stegodeus, Tragodistis, Gorgosuchus, Stegoceratops, megalosuchus, spinotahraptor, spinotasuchus, …). There are simply players who can not spend much time searching or want to spend a lot of real money in the game. These players are also entitled to participate in the Tournement.

Anyway, I only agree with you at 50%. As much as players evolve there will always be superior players. In fact, in each tournement the limit is raised so that only the “Top” (not if we speak of 5000 or 50000 first) can compete. Therefore, if divisions are not created and the limit is still raised, players will always be left out.