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Try to think of the positives

I know that this will probably fall on deaf ears but i believe that the best thing to do is to make the best of a bad situation. I have two things for you to consider…

  1. you no longer have wasted boosts sitting with a dino that you don’t use. I know i’m extremely excited to have the boosts back that were applied to past members of my team.

  2. everyone else is feeling the effects. My battling results haven’t changed a bit. I did 20 battles yesterday after downloading the update and distibuting boosts and i won 15 of them. So yes your dinos might be weaker but so are everyone else’s.

I know that doesn’t really help people that feel they have had money stolen from them but for people like me that don’t buy (except for VIP) anything hopefully that helps a bit.


I get the sentiment.


Ludia messed up. People need to vent to let Ludia know they are unhappy with how this was implemented.

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Oh i’m not trying to get people to stop complaining to ludia. By all means let them and everyone else know how you feel. Venting is healthy. I’m just offering some positives to think about that might calm people a little

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Not much of a difference for me in arena. 6 of my team were always unboosted below lvl 20 set up for mind tricks while only 2 monsters were around (Erlidom and Kapro). Now Erlidom is back to being a monster, and Kapro is just speedy surprise drop (I’ll work on him after I figure out what to do with the future Erlikospyx).

The game is still fun…its just fun with a fresh piping hot order of “screw you” delivered personally by the great people of Ludia. With that hanging overhead, it makes it harder to enjoy the game. A positive outlook is not bad, especially one with hopes of some type of rectification.

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I’llenjoy the game for what it is.

Games are a form of entertainment. Outside of the purchase price of a game or a monthly sub fee, I consider money spent on virtual property wasted the moment it’s spent. Your granted a license to use a piece of software you have no ownership in. The owners can do whatever they want with their property. Once the game has run its course and is no longer accessible neither is the virtual property that has been purchased.

I wouldn’t put accessories on a rental car. :grin:

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If you think the complaints are bad now just wait till Friday’s epic strike. So many people will be losing that because of the change.


I am very happy that I got back my wasted boosts on lower dinos. And you need skill and strategy to win again.

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