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Trying for Dominator is there a hope?

Some opponents are OP while some are not.
What should I do? Should I keep trying?


used your dollars to revive your most powerful dinosaurs.

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Would it work? Because I will be very unhappy if I give away my bucks and not get what I needed.

If you wait for the end of the tournament and try to sneak into dom last second it could be possible. I got my first dominator finish with level 30 legendaries so it’s possible.


Thank you @Blacksaber and @Antwan I am trying my level best currently at the top of Pred. :smile:


Once again thank you. This wouldn’t have been possible without your help @Blacksaber and @Antwan. It costs me some bucks on I-rex cooldowns. But for the rewards it’s worth it.


It’s not over yet. If you can squeeze in another win without spending DBs, I would try just in case. If not, you might be safe, but it’s close.

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Thank you @Bandeezee for replying here, I knew that so I gave up my remaining bucks for cooldowns :smile:. At first I was ready to give up the intention of reaching dominator as I was very repulsive to give away my bucks, thank you @Blacksaber you helped a lot here. My first Dominator victory wasn’t possible without the help of you all.


Don’t think so. You either need more dinos or evolve your dinos up a level. I.e. fusing your two Indoms to a lvl 20. You might’ve just squeezed by, but this was also a tournament for a rather old dino.

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Definitely possible. I’ve gotten into Dominator with a single level 10 VIP as my strongest creature before back in the I Rex Gen 2 tournament half a year back.