Trying out Arctalces in PvP

I’m giving Arctalces a try having gotten it to team level. I’m hoping for that Arctalces redo as I work my way to 25 to work on Arctovalsilas.

Has anyone else tried Arctalces yet in or below Avairy?

This is my team which I will tone down a bit and drop into the Estates and play more with other not so used creatures. I threw together the most used in the top 10 players with Arctalces to have a first off winning team and get my month reward locked in as a loss would have put me in the Estates.


Now that my one time serious win is over, it’s back to fun teams. Or at least fun looking.


Not in pvp but in the Champaign I have. Accelerate on escape does not work

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I’ve thought about it, but mine isn’t up to team level yet.

(Unrelated sidenote: Megalotops is really fun to use and can destroy anything cunning and fierce. Precise + resilient anythings are its achilles heel though)

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Arctalces has quite average basic stats but will be put into good use when played right.