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Trying to breed 4 star dragons

So I’ve put these two dragons in more than 100 times a complete 3 star rumblehorn and a complete 3 star skrill. It never gives me anything 4 stars. I’m getting so sick of this game I’m on the verge of deleting it because of this. I can never get a 4 star dragon from breeding no matter how many times I try.

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If you think breeding for a 4-star dragon is tough. Just wait until you start breeding for a 5-star.

The breeding odds are very low.

The best way to get 4-star dragons is to join a clan that is defeating 7-star Alphas. Every Alpha chest level 7 and above contains one random 4-star dragon.

Also, the level of the dragons you are breeding has no effect on the result. So, it doesn’t matter that the 3-star Rumblehorn and the 3-star Skrill you are breeding are completely maxed. You could just use level 1 3-star dragons.

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In all honesty it completely boils down to luck and the RNG. I still have terrible luck, but there was, for a brief, :sparkles: shining :sparkles: moment, a time where the odds seemed to be in my favor. I’ve gotten dupes for a good handful of 4*s.

Of course, ever since then it’s been pbbt. :-1: Nothing but 3*. I seem to have better luck when I’m not breeding 5* x 5*, but that could very well be coincidence.

I agree with @CaptWacky in saying that the best and most efficient way of getting 4* dragons is to join a clan that allows you to receive level 7 chests. This ensures a random 4* dragon, which you can use to breed more 4* (and try for higher and/or hybrid) dragons.

Also, a good tip I picked up along the way from those here on the forums is that when you do get a good dragon, if you get a dupe, instead of leveling it up right away, use it to breed with the original dragon.

I.e, if you get a 4* Revenger, and get a dupe, breed them together for a better chance for that third dupe you need, or even better, the Shrill Boltbeak. As, again, @CaptWacky said, your chances arn’t bettered or worsened by the level of your dragon. So you can use freshly trained dragons to breed.

Good luck! :smile: