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Trying to build a better alliance

This alliance is great for people who don’t want to spend all day on JW Alive.

We are currently doing okay but we would love to be better, we are looking for players that can consistently get the tournament bonuses and like to help people out with raids.

We also have a discord that is currently pretty inactive but we might be able to revive it with some new members (most people currently in the alliance are not on the forums and because of the buggy chat it is hard to talk to them). The discord is not restricted to alliance members it is public so you invite whoever you want and plan out some raids.

There are private channels that are for alliance members only so we can still have a functional alliance chat!

If you are interested you can add me on discord(Jurricane#9538) or just post yours below!

Forgot to add:

We currently achieve around 6 on defense and 7/8 on exploration

We currently get the 170k incubator and have been improving in tournaments

We have a handful of very active members that kind of carry the alliance currently that’s why we would like to get some more active members. Most members right now are too lazy to even get the participation bonus in tournament!

Would you be interested in combining alliances. We are consistently sitting in your range but need more actives that play for more than a week. I sent you a discord friend request. Boilervol2011 7458#3233. We could work through it more on there.

I’ll be willing to join the sever and help with buts but i’m already in an alliance so i can’t join but can help out with raids though. my discord user is winter bird #2277 free feel to add me and sent the invite to sever

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Hmm it didn’t find your account are you sure the spacing and capitalisation is correct?

You could also add me Jurricane#9538

i added

10 char