Trying to draw your ideas for hybrids

HEy, I will try to draw your hybrid ideas, just tell me what you want. Please use the full name of the Dino, otherwise it might take some time. I’m not as good as @Snake_Dude, but I guess I’ll try. I really love drawing, so I thought why not give it a shot? :t_rex: :grinning:
The image above is of a hybrid of woolly rhino, and doedicurus. Just so you get an expectation on how your drawing might look like.
Oh… by the way please Dino’s from JWTG. I don’t know from JWA


Make a hybrid from Acanthostega and Deinocheirus, but do not make it look like Segnosuchus or Gorgosuchus

Do you want, acanthostega body or deinocherus? I was thinking deinocherus?

Yeah Deino body is fine, we need more than 1 Theri AI hybrid

How about an amphibian hybrid from DEINOSUCHUS and NODOSAURUS?

Here you go, tried my best not to make to much deinocherus, added some acanthostega features, to the face as well


I like this hybrid, is it called Acanthocheirus or Deinostega

Acanthocheirus, there are many hybrids with “stega” at the end

One more idea is a hybrid of Corythosaurus and Aerotitan, preferably with the Corythosaurus build

There! I tried to stick with Nodosaurus lvl 40 colors, but added some more deinosuchus


Hmm… do want wings of Aerotitan? Maybe beak? Iv’e never drawed a Dino with pterosaur features. But I’ll try my best.

Well i want a Cory with Aero beak and feathers on its neck

Ok, I’ll try

I love it!!

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Sorry It took so long, I went through a lot of trial and error, to get this. Overall, I’m happy with the final product. I ended up making the neck longer, like that of the Aerotitan. Hope you like it.


Thank you! :grin:

Any other hybrids?

A hybrid cross of Kentrosaurus and Trinacromerum using the Trinacromerus as a base

Whew! Done. Hope you like it. You’ll come up with such nice ideas. I wish these were in the game. Any others?


Well, a hybrid between Eniosaurus and Secodontosaurus sounds interesting, use the Secodontosaurus build

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