Trying to draw your ideas for hybrids

Gigantopithecus model? Or styxosaurus?

Styxosaurus or a mix of both

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make it as ridiculous as posible

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Ok, that’ll be fun. Thank you

Bumpy + Baryonyx

I have finished @Jahq’s request. I will post it tommorow. I’m also nearly finished @Procoptodon’s request. I might finish that on… Wednesday (latest). Thank you all for your patience. I ask you to try not to post too many request, because at the moment, im a bit behind… thank you again.

Once I catch up to your request, then I will be able to accept more request. Thank you for understand

I’m excited for the ridiculousness


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Sweet jesus

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Is that good or bad :see_no_evil:

It’s good lol

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Whew :disappointed_relieved:. If you dont like it then I can re-do it, once I finish all request

Nah I like it’s it’s frikin hilarious. But if u ever try it again then give a a Monke face

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Haha :joy:. Ok next time I’ll try that then.