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Trying to find a good alliance?

Alliance leaders see an awful lot of players who request:

T9/T10 rewards
10/10 on missions
L20 sanctuaries
Filled DNA requests

These players very rarely explain:
Their activity levels (I play every day does not count)
Their tournament scores
Their player metrics

Top tier alliances are fully aware of the mathematical requirements of T9/T10, and of 10/10 missions
Players who cannot commit to the necessary performance and activity levels are unlikely to be considered.
These rewards are hard earned, and deserved.
It’s not about elitism, or inclusivity.
Many of us don’t need 6k trophies as a minimum, but we do need players who work as hard as we do.

Please don’t send us screenshots of someone else’s tournament performances.
Please be honest about your alliance history, and reason for leaving.
Please don’t say ‘I do my dailies’

Another important request- please read the alliance description before sending a join request.
If it asks you to enquire in a specific way - please do not spam in game join requests.
Officers will routinely delete those requests, unless an agreement has already been made.

Consideration of the above makes it much easier for you to find the right alliance - and for alliances to find the right players.

Thank you!


I love this thanks for posting :slight_smile:

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Likewise I think it is a great post.

If I am not mistaken, if you look for a 10D/10E weekly mission alliance, you need to be around 20 battles and 10 incubators per day (farming raids or campaign missions help if you are not too keen on the arena), I am not sure for the exploration part as it’s been quite easy to get to rank 10 since Ludia introduced giga scents.

If you look for a tier 9 alliance championship reward in a 4 weeks championship, you need to average 1k per tournament (that is 1k plus 1k for the 10 takedowns). If you look for a tier 10 reward in a 5 weeks championship, you need to average 1167 (1167 plus 1k for the 10 takedowns of course).

No alliance aiming for this kind of rewards will take slackers in. It’s a massive effort across 50 members.


20/10 is something that surprises many - but it is the holy grail.

However, there are so many players who are enthusiastic, committed, and carrying disorganized alliances who have no effective communication.
Alliance chat is not sufficient to organise raids. It’s unfortunate, but it’s the truth.
Those players are often quitting the game before understanding that the important tools can be found in the right alliance.

This is NOT a recruitment post.

There are many excellent alliances, and finding one is a game changer.
Apex are not just for elite players, but without a level of coordination, Apex may as well not exist.

I want to encourage all committed and enthusiastic players to consider reaching out to top 100 alliances.
You are the future of the game.
We absolutely want you to reach out to us.
Having 50/50 often means that we have alt accounts on board to optimise incubators.

Yes - alliances communicate with one another.
If you create a serious problem with another alliance- we probably saw the screenshots already.
If you are a reward hopper - we probably have a list with your name on.
But if you play hard, and want to see corresponding rewards, please don’t hesitate to check whether a hardcore alliance is recruiting.

Honestly, a cheeky Discord message with evidence of outrageous activity levels…- that alliance may have a spot after all.


Very well put indeed :slight_smile: . (In as unbiased as a way as I can put it hehe) I’ve recruited off an on for the last 8 months (and truthfully, top alliances never stop recruiting even if they are fully because there are plenty of other alliances they work with that could use a good member.), and I usually know in the first 20 seconds whether the person is a good recruit or not. And it is absolutely never about trophy count, as I’ve had so many good members come through under 4k trophies. Enthusiasm and a willingness to put in that team effort go such a long ways in everything. Wonderful post as always and hopefully it gets those few that didn’t think they were cut out for a top alliance to maybe reconsider their ideas.