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Trying to “Fix” Boosts

We all know that Boosts are absolutely broken. That’s just a fact. So, I’ll just try to fix them to the point where they don’t turn into a massive crutch.


I think we all know some of the issues here. Mainly:

  • Speed Boosts are WAY too good.
  • Boosts are very pushed in the Pay2Win direction.

I personally think that Health and Attack Boosts are fine as it is. They aren’t nearly as busted as Speed Boosts can be and are, and don’t pose as much of an issue.

Possible Fixes

First, let’s start with a complete boost refund. This will be necessary to do what we’re trying to start here.

Next, remove Boosts from the shop. That, or:

  • Give players a limit on how many Boosts they can buy in one go, like maybe four per sale or something.
  • Fix the Boost numbers. For instance, because Speed Boosts are so good, nerf them a bit. Make them a percentage-based increase like Attack and Health as opposed to just a flat increase.
  • Additionally, making it cost 200 Speed Boosts per upgrade would also help out.
  • Choke the number of Boost Sales. Make like one per month or something. Obviously the usually incubators, HC, Coins etc. will still be there, but the Boosts will be put only once a month.

Alternative Solution

This other suggestion would state that creatures can have boosts put on them according to their class. I do prefer the previous one, but this alternative might work.

Essentially, if you’re boosting a Fierce Creature, you will have a limit on the number of Speed and Health Boosts you could put on it, but this would be made up for by allowing you to put more boosts into their attack stat.

Resilients would have their Boost limits focus more on health, and Cunning creatures would have their Boost limits focused more on speed.

As for creatures with Hybrid Classes, like Monolometrodon or Trykosaurus, you could boost them more in the boosts that fit their classes. As in:

  • A Tryko could be boosted better in health and attack, but have very few boosts in speed.
  • A Magna could have some boosts put in Attack and Speed, but very few in health.
  • Something like Skoonasaurus could have a lot of boosts in health ad speed, but very few in attack.

The thing about this, however, is that because their boosts are more split, the Hybrid-Classed creatures will be less powerful in any one class than their Pure-Classed Counterparts.

The spreads would go something like this:

Pure-Class Spreads

Cunning Spread: 5/5/20 Maximum.

Resilient Spread: 20/5/5 Maximum.

Fierce Spread: 5/20/5 Maximum.

Hybrid-Classed Spreads

Fierce-Resilient: 12/12/6

Fierce Cunning: 6/12/12

Cunning Resilient: 12/6/12

Wild Card: 10/10/10

Solution 2 is there to prevent people from abusing Boosts to overcome a creature’s weaknesses.

or solution 3
Take stat boost and yeet them into the dumpster(AKA Remove them from the game entirely)

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That would require massive refunds, most of which wouldn’t be done because that’s absolutely ridiculous.

Atleast withouts stat boost the arena would be more fair

But still, there would have to be so many refunds, and ludia would lose a lot of money, and this is just one of the ways they make money since they are a company that needs to make money, I don’t think there will be getting rid of boosts in a long long long time, or never

Speed boosts truly are the main problem (well, that and how everything is stacked against cunnings, who rely on all 3 boosts to survive).

The only thing I’d say might be a problem there would be the wild card - Carnotarkus, for instance, would be even worse if you could only pour 10 boosts into health. Her attack is low priority, and as a counter-attacker, she typically benefits from being slower. Tenonto would also have a hard time with that spread.

I’d also give each one 5 extra places - so that a fully boosted team isn’t identical to each other. That was always the one thing that I did like about boosts, making each dino unique.

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Even though most players already do this, the problem is, by enforcing it, there’s very little creative freedom a player can have.

Like it or not, it’s not really up to Ludia to decide how players should be boosting their creatures, nor should it be.