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Trying to grow my alliance!

Hello! I have an alliance and we’ve slowly been progressing. We are looking for more members! Here are some benefits for joining us:
-amazing dna donations!
-raiders are welcomed and supported
-we normally hit level 7-8 for the weekly incubators, with more help we’d get even higher!
-we do everything possible to get lower leveled players legendary and unique raids!
-if you are at an apex level for raids join us we’ve done some of those!
-slowly but surely we are getting better tournament rewards!
-soon we will have level 20 sanctuaries!
All we ask are the following:
-try to shoot 250 darts daily!
-get your tournament 10 kills daily! (We help with teams when asked!)
-try to get your daily 10 kills! To boost our weekly missions
-complete your daily missions!
If interested in joining or being a raid partner (just bring an irri level 15 and a sucho level 10 and we should be good!) join our discord!

Thank you!! :slight_smile: :hugs:

Chaotic Beasts! (Discord)