Trying to level up is ridiculous


Look, I understand you want people playing this game for the rest of whatever, but only being able to earn XP by evolving dinosaurs to level up is RIDICULOUS… you need to be able to earn xp in other ways man, like when you spin a stop, or while battling, or getting DNA from a dino in the wild. The fact that you only get xp by evolving is by far the stupidest and worst part of this game.


You also get XP from fusing DNA. It’s usually the way I earn most of my xp.


It’s highway robbery, especially with commons, for some reason… especially the ones that can’t hybrid! I think this was meant to make people slow down and work toward having a winning team, but once your common raptor gets to level 18, getting her to 19 costs 30k in coin. WTH?

I just decided to stop and farm her dna for I-Rex. Epic Rex is almost to 15, so I should be able to start fusing soon.


Player level gets slower as you progress, not just in this game, but in any other games out there. Frustrating at times, but nothing new.


It’s how they make it pay to win. I don’t evolve commons that can’t be combined.


I wish i had a dino on my team that only costs 30k to level up. That price is ancient history to me.


nailed it.

thats exactly why i play this game.


Definitely pay to win at its finest. Would like to see a feature where you earn xp or something for traveling/walking a la Pokemon Go. That would be awesome but wishful I guess.


My biggest gripe with ‘levling’ comes down to the limiting factor … the coins.

We are capped at how many coins we can collect. I’m level 11 currently and capped at 9200 coins i can gather (getting some from battles and incubators is a whole other gripe). Currently I have 9 dinos that can be upgraded but they’re going to cost me about 60k coins to upgrade. It’ll take me 7 days to get that many coins… in those 7 days I’ll get another 5 more upgrades …

how do you guys go about getting more coins (without paying… i get you could always buy more, but I like to play free… maybe it’s my scottish nature)


I really don’t understand why there is a cap on coins and bucks. If Ludia removed that it might go a little way to making things fairer on FtP players.