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Trying to pass 4k before tournament ends


I am stuck in 3800 ish arena trophies and i want to get 40 4000 by next week? Any opinions on my deck?

I want to take out postimetrodon because i think its overrated but i dont know what to play instead.
(Please do not ask why my nodopota is lv 16 i missclicked :sob:)


This is the final team

Alright, I need some advice

Honestly, with that team…you’ve got no chance imo


Why whats wrong with it. I was just at 3936 this morning so i do believe i have a chance. Im not trying to get to 4200 or something just 4000 is ok. I just dont know if i can make my deck any better and if so how


Your team isn’t good enough in my opinion to break 4000 and stay there


My happy ass is at 4018 and I don’t plan on playing Arena until the Tournament ends. My team is slightly higher level than yours is.


i will stay there if i get there once because i will stop playing untill the tournament ends. i know otherwise it is really hard for me to hold up there but i just want the epic incubator


i am trying to do the same thing. any advices on my team?


You just don’t have enough hp right now. You need to beef up your team. I know, easier said than done. I’m barely hanging onto 4000 as it is and most of mine are about three lvls above yours. I still get knocked back to arena 7 sometimes and have to fight my way back up. Everyone is doing anything they can to go up so it feels like some times it’s not even worth the headache.


so can i get up there ONCE (as i said after i get there i will stop fighting until the tournament ends), do i use 5 tanks? like enter nodopota or something?


The fact you need to win like 7 or 8 in a row to get from 3800 where you are to 4000… I’m sorry, with that team…no chance


Why not that’s twice I’ve beat you in the arena now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


as i said i was there this morning. i can get back up. i did it before it will not be a first. and i know i just dont have it to consistantly stay on arena 8 and thats not the issue


You need some tank breakers since many like to start with Stegod. Myself I lead with trex most of the time and even though I lose him, he takes out their tank. You might consider your velo since it’s a lvl 18 and can still do some damage. It’s got a glass jaw, so once you hit, pull it out right away. Indom can work magic if you can use cloak at the right time and survive a hit. Just keep trying though. You’ll hit the right sequence of battles that will get you past the arena gates.


so velo instead of postimetrodon? also i am planning to create pyrritator this weekend (if i am lucky)


always need to refer to Joe’s advice from a while back and you can’t go wrong :wink:


I was in similar situation like yours. Now I’m a happy camper at 4040.

The secret sauce: TANYCOLAGREUS!

Edited: Forget about it, your 600 coins can’t get you anywhere!


and how do you do that with 600 coins exactly? i am filthy poor atm. i use all my cash to buy coins but still not enough


I think it was a joke :rofl:


tany is suprisingly good for a common but i highly doubt it would do any good on this tier. at what level of tany are you talking about?


As high as you possibly can I think tany is solid counter to indoraptor and magnapyrritor at the same lvl