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Trying to plan, looking for advice


Now that i have my first unique, i want a few more.

The next two that feel most attainable to me are utarinex and dioraja.

Heres what im working with:

I think those would be good.

Im torn though, i kinda want to focus on monominimus.

I have 7 epic scents.

How should i spend them?


Depends on which you see more often. I have been using scent capsules like mad but there are times when I would go 10 capsules without seeing the dino I’m looking for. Like today, I went through 10 epic capsules but didn’t get a single Ankylosaurus. So, I would put priority on the hybrid whose components you have a higher likelihood of seeing even without the help of scent capsules.


And once again, congrats on the IndoRaptor!


Thank you!!