Trying to play in the rain?


Just wondering if anyone else has this happening… just went out to catch dino of the day in the rain. Not a heavy thunderstorm or anything, just steady rain. Nothing except the landscape is showing up. No stops no dinos. I restarted phone, app and enhanced my gps if that even matters. Still nothing.


Probably just a glitch. You can probably fix it by clearing your cache.


Or you can probably loose your Account by clearing anything. XD

Well, if you were moving too fast, everything disappears usually (e. g. catching something while driving). Restarting the App should fix it, but you still shouldn’t move too fast (planes, trains …).


I don’t go out hunting if there’s lightning striking anywhere in a 10-mile radius from me. Usually. I have had the occasional storm sneak up on me from behind…


Not if you know the difference between clear cache and clear data. :wink:


Yeah… made that mistake once. Never again. Clear the cache, folks. Otherwise you’ll most likely have to log back in again once it finishes loading.