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Trying to predict future releases: Amphibians and Pterosaurs

Hello guys,
Bringing the second part of the first post talking about carnivores and herbivores, now we will talk about the 2 types of “dinosaurs” forgotten by ludia, amphibians and pterosaurs.

  • Starting with pterosaurs, the dragons of the skies, the pterosaur currently most likely to enter the JWTG is Arambourgiania:

This huge pterosaur is already at JW alive, and may come to us soon.

Unfortunately, there are no other JWA pterosaurs that are new to JWTG, so from now on, I’ll show you some pteros with the potential to lead the game :confused:

(I added anurognathus and batrachognathus as I would very much like to see a hybrid similar to JWA’s koolabourgiana.)

Well, I think that’s all, I looked for the most interesting species for the game and I hope I haven’t forgotten any haha.

(If you have read this far, thank you, this post was hard work. :disappointed_relieved: )


You should apply for a job as creative art director at Ludia.


Thank you,
You can be sure that if I were on the art team, we would have a lot more pteros and amphibians than carnivores hahaha :smile:


Come on , you forgot one of the biggest crocodiles ever ; Deinosuchus! That monster deserve to be at the game . I also vote for your Ornithosuchus suggestion .


I thought about putting the deinosuchus, but he is very similar to the African crocodiles, so I decided to put a relative of yours, a little more colossal, the purusaurus brasillienses.

But it could also be on the list, as deinosuchus is quite famous.


Megalocerus is also very similar to a modern deer and the same happens with the Kangaroo…
I don’t think that Deinosuchus will have a problem.

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Great post, @Lucas_Paulino. I’d much prefer any of these guys to any hybrid. Why make up new dinosaurs when the real ones are so fantastic (by the way, I know technically neither pterosaurs nor amphibians are dinosaurs, but work with me here).

And to think I was impressed (and still am) by Toruk…


The hybrids are good, but not for JWTG, because ludia launches 1 every 2/3 weeks and, for unknown reasons, ludia does not want to do the same thing as jWA, launching 6 to 8 dinos at a time, half of which are hybrids.
but I prefer real dinos.

yeh, but, I didn’t put the deinosuchus because it is not so “different”, I decided to address in this post the crocodiles with more “brutal” looks and that few people knew, the Esmilosuchus for example.
I intend to bring more different posts, telling the story of each dino for example, and I will make sure to bring the deinosuchus.


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I think someone traveled back in time and made a hybrid of postosuchus with armadillo hahaha,incredible!

Purusaurus only reached 10.3 meters (The 13 meter estimate has met some criticism), but deinosuchus is estimated at 12 meters