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Trying to think of solutions

So as we can see there are a lot of unhappy people. And some people that are happy.

I was trying to come up with an idea that would make the most people content overall and was looking to make a constructive thread.

My first thought was to change the price structure for boost tiers to something more progressive. Like startting for T1 boost costing 10 and increasing by 10 per level keeping lower tier boosts tier boosts available to the most people. Then i worried that everyone would just run 8/8/8 or 10/10/10 or whatever their dino level allowed and that wouldn’t make things very interesting.

Then i thought that one of the things that ludia promoted with this change was people being able to customize their dinos and having to choose which stats to focus on because of the new level limits. But they priced boosts so high that only a small % will ever fully cusomize more than 1 dino. And with the refund cost taking a massive chunk of your boosts, there really is no switching your boosts to another dino without gimping yourself for… well… ever really at these prices.

So why dont we make boosting a dino cheap af. 25 boosts a level. Let more people actually max out their dinos for whatever level they are and customize their whole team. And your dino level will be even more important because you’ll actually be able to reach your 25 or 28th or whatever total tier on multiples.

Personally i think this would promote a ton of diversity and experimentation. It would drive more sales for ludia and it would make resetting boosts on a heavily boosted dino costly but not cripple your team for months. The monster dinos of version 1 would be kept in check because the system of dino level capping your boosts would still be here.

That’s what i’ve come up with personally. Not saying it’s the best or only idea and i’d welcome more thoughts.

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They will not change it unless it is even more profitable for them, Ludia does not care about balance and fun, all they want is money and tgey use balance and player feedback as excuse to change things in their favor


I wonder if it would have been better if Ludia made a poll asking how much money players are willing to spend on boosts, with maybe 3 options, with current prices being highest.


Moreover, removing boosts only gives you 50% back… and that’s too high, at the current availability level of boosts. I’m never going to want to undo a boost. if it were, say… 90% back, I’d accept the 10-boost penalty, but still be cautious about carelessly adding or removing boosts.


The best solution is to remove boosts from the game completely, but we all know that will never happen. I had 1873 saved HC so I was only able to buy the 50 health boosts for 1000. Needless to say, that didn’t allow me to boost anything. Prices should’ve dropped drastically with the boost rework, like maybe 100 boosts for 500 HC.


Agreed, cannot imagine anyone but the whales bothering to remove boosts at this price.

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This is the only real complaint I have. I was happy about 50 percent back but now it’s not worth it. It takes so long to boost up, which I’m fine with, butvgetting only half back. I know they can’t do 100 percent because people will move them around instead of buy more. But maybe a 75 to 90 percent return. I would do the 90 percent return first and if they see it costing them too much then move to 75. But right now I’m only boosting dinos that will stay on my team forever. No variety there

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i like this and it makes sense. we will be able to boost alot more dinos rather then a limited few.

its less profit if the tiers are 100 and nobody wants to buy.

At 2000 HC per teir, I’m not going to bother buying boosts at all any more. The mid arena range is so lightly boosted, those players might as well not be boosted at all.

I’ll have to say, playing my 2nd account, all none boosted is a whole lot more fun. No rats. No monsters. You have to use some strategy. You have to out wit your opponents.

Maybe this is the closest way to removing boosts from the game and making them to be something you can get once in a while to give yourself an edge over your opponents.

For just $99.99 ($100) you can buy 750 boosts and bump 7 of your dino’s up one tier in one thing. Maybe this is a good thing. At least this is for game play in the mid arenas.