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Tryk vs Tryk Question

I’m really confused about this specific mechanic. Tryk has an Instant Distraction reducing 90% damage for on next attack or next turn or whatever. If I am fighting a Tryk vs Tryk, only the person who goes second actually stops any damage. I don’t understand this, a higher level Tryk is very much worse against itself in a battle which makes no sense. Why don’t both Tryk receive the damage reduction? This has been very frustrating the past few weeks. What is the strategy in this scenario??


Knowing when the other is gonna use id is the key. You use DSS and the next turn kill them with dsr
But I agree, this seems very much alike the stego situation back in 1.5


It’s basically the one that has the higher level the one that will be affected by the instant distraction

I don’t exactly understand this mechanic either, because Invincibility and Dodges stay until their effect is wasted one extra turn. But instant distraction immediately fades away.

The way I understand it, the first to use instant distraction distracts the other. They attack, but since their instant distraction is a non-damaging move they kinda “dodge” the effect. Then they instant distract you, which sticks to you, since your next attack is next turn, and it sticks to your for exactly one turn.

That’s how I understand it, but even then, it’s weird.


When the lower lvl tryko does ID. It is doing this while under distraction from the higher lvl one. So it counts as it’s turn while being distracted. The higher lvl one should never go ID turn 1. You will almost always lose. Now in a mirror match(same level). Whoever acts last will get the advantage. So it’s a smart play to wait till the last second to make your selection(For the ID move)


Please keep these tips coming and thank you very much for your advice!



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How do invincibility or dodge stay one extra turn? It lasts for your opponents next move, whether that is this turn or the next, and then ends.

Dodge sticks if you don’t attack.
Let’s say the activate Evasive Strike or Evasive Stance. You switch out to make them waste a turn.

For Ornithomimus for example, that way, the dodging sticks to the impact and run move, when it shouldn’t. It only happens in Strike Towers, but in that scenario, hitting them after the impact and run still can dodge. Then they can again enter dodging in the same round with another strike.

You can also cause an Indoraptor to be able to sit in Evasive Stance for 6 turns.

I do not remember what triggers the Invincibility to stick, but I think it is non-damaging priority moves.

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Except a swap happens before all other moves. So if you swap on the same turn that the ornithomimus uses evasive strike, you have moved first, and the ornithomimus’ evasive will therefore take effect for your next move during the next turn.

Same thing applies with evasive stance.

To my mind, evasive and instant invincibility work exactly as they should, in the same way as instant distraction.

Yeah, if let’s say an Indoraptor goes evasive and your tryko goes shield. The shield will remain for next turn since it was never hit.

I specifically said swapping after dodge is active.
It’s the same logic as shield, you must hit it.

Except you don’t have to hit an instant invincibility for it to end, you just have to use a move after the invincibility is activated.

Describe exactly the order of moves / swaps and speeds of dinos that you’re talking about, because the scenario I understand from what you are describing simply doesn’t happen (other than possibly a visual bug showing dodge when it isn’t actually active).

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It did doge and wasn’t a visual glitch.
It was Spinotasuchus vs Ornithomimus I think, but I have encountered it with other dinosaurs as well.

I guess I was expecting it to work more like a cloak where it would last until another move is done. Thanks for all the responses, definitely cleared things up a bit for why it works that way.

I’m horrible with mind games so I usually just spam Defense Shattering Strike until they use their Distract on me. It works, most times? :sweat_smile:

It remains because it acts as though it went second and therefore lasts one turn. It’s confusing when 2 creatures use a priority move, because indoraptor is a faster dino, even though both moves are priority the indoraptor will go first because it’s base movement speed is faster, this causes the tryko to go second and because of that it hasn’t been active for one turn yet. So for example that’s why if you do instant distraction and someone swaps in, because the swap in happens before an instant move you can then do priority instant invincibility and both the shield and the instant distraction would be active on the same turn.

Look at it this way. Cloak, Evasive Stance, etc. affect the user. They count down based on the user’s turns. Distracting moves affect the target, and therefore count down based on the target’s turns. Instant Distraction’s effect expires at the end of the target’s next turn. So, if two Trykos both use it, the debuff on the slower Tryko expires after its turn ends.

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