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Tryko and Dioraja dilemma


So I have attached a pic of my squad below. My dilemma is do I spend ANY anky dna on dioraja or just keep funneling it to tryko? The obvious answer is no, but I’m worried dioraja will get a buff and then be a very viable option… what does everybody think? I’m open to all ideas :slight_smile:


i have tryko at 28. i also think dio should/will get a buff.

so i’m going to save up a ton of it until i know i have a decent shot to get it to 29 - which will take a while. then if dio does get buffed it’s not locked into tryk that isn’t even able to be leveled.


Hey that’s a really good idea and I hadn’t thought about it. I have 3k raja dna prepared already in case.


Who knows about the future. That’s all guessing. At the moment the question between tryko and dioraja isnt even a question


Well, dioraja is overdue for a buff. She is one of my favorite because of the model itself. I really want to use her as a viable alternative and supreme counter attacker.


I will choose Tryko because he is more practical than Dioraja.