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Tryko and Maxima are limiting the meta

Entire teams need to be built to handle these two plague rats. If something can’t even get 2 hits off on tryko and max, it’s not worth it. Tryko can literally swap into a speedster and win. Max can kill many dinos without even losing 30% of it’s health. That’s ridiculous, especially considering they’ve both been handed out like party favors.

Something with massive health and damage shouldn’t constantly have a speed advantage. It’s elementary.

I’m a returning player from a break hoping things would be slightly more fair, but now I see Ludia might have other plans. Don’t make a rock paper scissors mechanic if you’re going to make rocks with scissors coming out of them.


I put together this team that is made of the most used creatures of the top 10 players. After a string of losses from a different team I had. I’ve gone from 44xx back up to 46xx without a loss… so far.

Since I get bored of playing the same creatures all the time, I will be switching to a completely new team. If you have these or even some of them, use these or work to level these.

My Team 20200817

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I would use rhino…but I don’t have enough rhino dna. Plus it seems at this point monometradon might just be better in the meta. Especially against maxima and tryko

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I have Ludia luck.
The moment I max out Phora it will get nerfed in a week or it will get a hybrid.
It sure is solid though.

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Phorus is like the rat you can see coming and can’t do anything about, unless you happen to have instant distraction or lucky with evasive stance.


It’s the same thing every patch except they managed to make it the worse then ever. I don’t think I’ve ever really looked at my line up and been able to predict out comes purely based on what 4 Dino’s you roll like this.

There’s only so many Dino’s that can actually beat them. Get a bad roll and I’m looking at my team line up and thinking well I may be able to use these 2 to kill a max.

Might as well just skip the battle and compare team line ups atleast I wouldn’t have to play through a loss that’s been established before the match even starts.

Makes me miss the dsr rat meta atleast I got to play my first Dino before I knew the match was lost.


There are matches where I get a bad hand and try anyway…
Come to find out they had a bad hand too. LOL

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I’m just at the point where i leave if i get a bad hand against maxima. No point in fighting a battle that was lost from the start


Lol sometimes you can pull though tho. That’s why I at least try to see if I can out okay them

Don’t get me wrong I try to take them out just for takedowns and if I can pull a surprise.

But it used to be ah a bad hand wonder if I can make this work.

Now it’s ah a bad hand this is most likely a loss.


Here’s the thing tho, a lot of the OB maximas are used by the same people who OB’d Yoshi and Indo2, meaning they’re crutches. And I’ve destroyed maximas that should’ve destroyed me because of this. And before you start, yes the maximas are insane, but that’s also subjective to the player, so please keep that in mind

The battles get harder and closer as I move up. I just barely won and may be because my opponent decided to give up. It ended up my 21 Grypolyth against their 21 Diloranosaurus. We can both heal and he couldn’t swap. I was determined to win and keep my winning streak up. He had a 22 boosted T-rex, 24 Procera. I’m boost free. Good but long battle.

Ok, I know they’ll just nerf Tryko and Max into the ground or close enough. I’ve seen the raptors (the one meta i was there for), monomimus, and newly procerat and indo g2… but these guys, from my view of the library-shores team are High-Mid difficulty (ignoring the championships) to level. All max needs is group shattering impact and GDR to stay a relevant raid creature, lose 50 damage, and if they want to keep the health, lose 15% crit chance. Tryko literally just needs slowing impact. Tryko has always been weak to distraction, I don’t see why he shouldn’t be now. Plus 4500 health to make up.


Max needs a base stat reduction. 5800/1100 sounds fair. Kill distract resistance completely too. It can cleanse it anyway.

Tryko needs to have one or both it’s slowing moves removed, and it shouldn’t be able to cleanse distraction whatsoever. Kill resilient impact completely. If it wants slowing counter, give it a weaker dud move like taunting shields. If it’s willing to sacrifice slowing counter, then give it a standard slowing impact. Then they can give it some extra health for more survivability.

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Nothing else to say, pretty much agree with the general consensus. Although I’m working on a rebalancing of all of the Uniques, this time including a list of what each creature counters and what it’s countered by (including swap-ins) and trying to bring them closer together, while keeping Raid capabilities, and it appears that Maxima doesn’t need that harsh of a nerf.

If you are interested, you can expect a thread on that…eventually.


Why is Máxima keeping it’s 30% crit rate? now secondoto doesn’t have any crit increase…

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Cause ludia :crazy_face:

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Brachi’s 30% crit

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The crit is infuriating as well. It’s just high enough to worry about when fighting it, but just low enough to not be able to rely on it safely. But, I think if they lowed the base stats some the crit won’t be as much of a problem. That said, I’m never opposed to less RNG.

ahhh true!! forgot it XD