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Tryko and tenrex need deceleration

The creatures Tryko and tenotorex will no longer be that viable creatures after 2.9. give tryko a decelerating counter like kentrosaurs and give tenotorex superiority strike. After doing tests in the JWA Battle Simulator I have came to the conclusion that these creatures need deceleration. Tenotorex is a wildcard meaning it is good against every class but lossing the ability to decelerate this is just not the case, Tenotorex gets rinsed by indoraptor, erlidomimus, and many other cunnings. so give tenotorex superiority strike and this will be fixed. Tryko is still ok, but is no where near as good as it was pre 2,9.
@Ludia_Developers please give tryko decelerating counter and give tenotorex superiority strike. This would make much of the player base happy,


Agreed. I recently got tenrex and boosted it cause I heard it was an amazing dino but the problem is, I boosted it before 2.9 was leaked so now I can’t get my boosts back

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Dio would live superiority strike and rampage.

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Dio might actually brnifit from having vulrability. Means it will have a stronger counter.


Totally, specially with the Uber Thors AND all the swap in dinos that plague the game

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