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Tryko and tenrex

These two creatures were hit really hard with update 2.9. These to creatures need to be able to decelerate there opponent. All of the resilient parts of tryko have a decel ability. Kentro has decel counter and ankylosaurs has superior vulnerability and same with ankytro… To make tryko good I would either change resilient impact to superiority impact or give it kentro’s decelerating counter.

To fix tenoto I would give it back superiority strike like it had before 2.0 or give it a decelerating counter.

These creatures have lost there ability to decelerate making them very vulnerable to attacks. let me know your thoughts on this.

@Ludia_Developers please look into this.


If they are going through with this change, lots of creatures will need these kinds of changes (probably more than actually needed to be nerfed in the first place). I haven’t looked through the whole roster, but pretty much everything would benefit from being more like they currently are in 2.8.


I agree with that. some creatures need the speed decrease ability to be affective. Im pretty sure they will go through with the changes. its in the release notes.


Yeah, unfortunately I don’t see it not getting added at this point, but I’m not confident it’ll change the game for the better.

same. This update is going to bring a super lux.

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they need to switch tenrex, give it superiority strike since it is used alot in raids. there is a hydraboa strat and a mortem strat that needs ten rex. people are going to begin unboosting it, and will be hard to find one the meats the damage requirements for these raids.


I was thinking the exact same thing. The fact that Tryko was in tyrant tier for so long and in just 2 updates almost no one uses it is pretty surprising.


Superiority strike is the signatura move of this two creatures.
For tenonto it was the way to deal with spix or smilo, after this , he will be basically useless

Acro, a legendary, will be a monster after this change.
This really sucks !