Tryko Buff Idea

So I was messing around in JWA Toolbox, and decided to fix up an old dino instead of making a new one. So here is a proposed buff to our oldest Unique, Trykosaurus
What do yall think of this? Too powerful? Not Enough? Good?


I like it. The king needs to make a good comeback.


4800 HP
1700 damage
Speed same
Taunting Group Protection
Group Shattering Impact
Defence Shattering Rampage
Group Invincibility
100% Resistance to Taunt
100% Resistance to Stun
100% Resistance to Vulnerability
On Escape Primal Base.

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@Ned Please consider @Cheeseeater 's suggestion and bring it up to your team?


All they need to do is change resilient back to the way it was & tryko would be fine tbh, tenrex has suffered the same problem, neither can decelerate


Ye all they need to do is to add resil’s old function back or give it Decel counter


Well the thing is that even when it decelerated, the only time Tryko was dominant was 2.0. He started falling quickly once new creatures came out that did his job better and could fight off other creatures as well, or just brought in direct counters like SR3. At least Dio got off easy by becoming a great raid dino. So hopefully this change will at least allow him more power that Tryko should have. He’s the longest lived Unique, been here since 1.1. While he shouldn’t be the most powerful, Tryko’s made with 3 epics, 2 of which can be annoying to find. Tryko should be viable. He just isnt right now, and it hurts because not only was he THE icon of balance in the old days, but he has a really good model (though that is bias).


It is viable right now. It is a great counter to a starting testacornibus and is a good bait for scorpius rex gen 3. It’s definitely no longer a top 8 but it is still in the top 16. If it stayed the same with the counter attack that skoonasaurus has, it would be a good enough buff.


Dude Im not even seeing it in Aviary, and I see plenty of Indoraptors there. While it does counter Testa, that’s really not saying much give there are more and better options. And while it is good Scorp Bait, again, more and better options. Heck Smilonemys is Scorp Bait. Every time I have it in battle, if they have SR3, they will swap it in on Nemys. I don’t know why, a faster Scorp will lose to a slower Nemys, but they do.


Yeah i also agree tryko needs a buff


I see plenty of tryko in depot and shores. Can’t comment for aviary but i guess it is less useful there because of all the nitro chompers.

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Yeah, most likely. I’m in High Aviary, mostly dominated by Tryko counters. I myself can’t say much for higher arenas, as I’ve only been in low Library a handful of times.

Same bud, it also depends a lot on how players build it boost wise, tryko like Thor are not really viable above library, I see them but with scorpius & phorex combined with a dose of Magnus it’s getting much rarer to see them.

It will probably be dropped by many if there is ever a boost reset. I use trykosaurus/Cera or mrhino and it works OK for me against the combo testa+sr3. It’s more useful than my raid mortem to be honest. My build is all health and damage, 0 speed boosts. Finished in the top 500 past season so definitely not useless. But yes, a slight buff would be nice especially given how difficult it is to get to level 30 unlike other unique creatures that have moves that do 10 things at a time…


There is nothing more satisfying then forcing a deer to swap into SR3 and nailing it with a resilient impact. Tryko is better than most give it credit for, it just requires the utilization of mindgames.

It’s a sneaky good pick and a phenomenal starter. That being said, it should receive at least a minor buff. For starters, I’d like to see its health buffed to 4500 and attack to 1700. It’s kit can remain as is.


If health and damage are increased it won’t probably not need a change in its moves. Maybe give it some resistances but not sure what. Stun would be probably too much.

And i agree nothing as satisfying than nailing SR3 on the swap in!


Agreed, it doesn’t need an overhaul, just a slight buff to its stats.

I think because of the vulnerability counter the damage should be reduced to 1500 but that’s just my opinion

It looks great. For me tryko lost a lot of viability with the loss of deceleration since 2.9


If Tryko gets a buff, Dio deserves a buff.