Tryko buff


  • Glyptoceras
  • Nodopatotitan
  • Ovilophomoloch
  • Dilophoboa
  • Einiasuchus

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Who Should I Buff Next?

That move set is too good resist is fine but medium hit the cleanse is too good but add a shattering and it’s fine.keep big hit the same defense shattering.and keep the shield hit like that but add priority and I think we have a reasonable buff

And counter is a good buff but make it medium

I will keep the DSR since not many has it.

Exactly you get it also wanna start a private message?

Um… Why?

So I can know more friends and we can talk about jwa

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Oh… Okay.

Cool so yk how to start a private message


Um what is that


10 chars

I think tryko needs this buff after all of the resilients with the resilient attacks got nerfed pretty hard. I think this buff is good!