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Tryko fusions


Man I was feeling discouraged after my first two tryko fusions of 10s each. But then I just got back to back 80 and then 90 fusions and I’m so close! Can’t wait to unlock this beast!

Well it took a week and more good fusions. Ended up with 10,10 80,90,40,30 fusions for this guy which will probably be my luckiest time ever in this game. So happy!!


Wow holy heck

Fwiw I thought my 40, 50, 40 was amazing. I guess I aimed low :joy:


Haha still great! I felt like it would take me forever even more so now with the decreased Trex spawns… But I got two more attempts weekend and I hope to get more lucky!

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I just need 20 more!!! Lady Luck was smiling upon you!

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That’s amazing!!
Haha, I can only imagine how many rexes that must’ve saved you!!

Hope the Luck sticks with you pal! :crossed_fingers:t4:


I hate you.


I get excited when I see a 20, a 30 is awesome. Anything more just makes my day. I’ve never gotten anything hire than 80 and that was only once.

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I had enough Kentro dna to make one more fusion. Got 100. Was expecting another 10. My 2nd or 3rd one ever. Tryko at 200/250 now but no kentro left.


I got 100 on my Tyrannolophosaur today- can’t believe it. Good luck!

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Wow…you are a very lucky man :smile:
Compared to my alankylosaurus leveling to lvl 17… thats 300dna…i needed 28fuses for that …i could not beleave :sweat_smile::joy:
I wanted him so bad on my team after its introduction, but now hes not even near to it :roll_eyes:
Hope i will have more luck with some uniques :smile:

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It hurts me to see how much Rexy DNA that monster needs.
But still congrats! :grin:

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@NetflixnChilly- thank you! I’m not that high but I’m having fun!

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