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Tryko is Slipping from the Meta? Slight Buff Idea

Ever since the beginning of the game, Tryko has always functioned as a stabiliser of the meta, a sort of barometer to gauge the power level of other creatures. And, indeed, it makes sense since Tryko is one of the only uniques to be made from three epic creatures. Through all the patches, Tryko has managed to remain relevant without significant changes to stats or movesets (barring the massive revamp in Update 2.0). However, in recent updates, whether due to Apex creatures or new mechanics, Tryko seems to be lagging and why?

Well, here’s what I pointed out in another post (I was talking about Rex, but I think it also applies to Tryko):

The problem is that, after so many updates and new mechanics, power creep disproportionately affects OG creatures that were designed without these new mechanics in mind.

So, what’s the solution?
Health: 4200 → 4500
Tryko gains 100% Resistance to Stun

With this slight rework, Tryko still loses to the usual counters but manages to more effectively counter certain creatures (ex. Cera and Draco can’t Acute Stun to kill turns and escape).


I’ll take the health buff without question, but I’m not sure about the Stun resist. Perhaps we could take the return of Medium Resilient Counter Attack, or maybe Medium Decelerating Counter. Additionally, returning the Crit Chance to 30% to compete with Dio may be a good idea.

We just don’t need yet another creature to be resistant to stuns. There are just too many of them now. If we give Tryko resistances, I rather its to something like Decel, since that’s a massive issue at the moment.


The fact it can be stunned though is probably the chief reason why it is slipping from the meta. Get it down to around 3500 HP and you can swap in Magnus or MRhino, land the stun, and that’s the end of Tryk.

However, I do think it would probably need to give something up in exchange for that. Stun, decel, and swap prevention I think are the most important resistances right now, so I don’t know that HP should also get buffed if it gets stun resistance. Maybe knock the attack back to 1550 again.

I also do like the idea of giving it back the resilient counter though.


Quess it could have some speed reduction from its legendary component, I wouldn’t mind it going to 80 to 100%
Or just give it back its old counter


Stun is barely staying relevant right now. We’re very close to driving it back into extinction again., like the days of the immune meta.
Cera and Mrhino don’t really need their stuns to be relevant, yet in an effort to indirectly nerf them you’re hurting creatures that are more reliant on stun.


Eh I don’t know tryko is still good, even better when boosted, but I have noticed it is slipping a bit due to flocks, the swap meta and apexes but honestly idk if it really needs a buff. I would like one. But it’s really doesn’t need.

Like it needs it but it also doesn’t it’s really hard to describe. The thing tryko is more anti-cunning than anti tank. But since the meta is now more tanks/resilient creatures it’s suffering as well with more cunning being able to fight back like Scorpius and the flocks. Tryko is really stuck in a position we’re it really need to lean into one or the other.


Yeah the damage is more the problem with the swappers. Even Scorpius is also now a victim due to it also using stun but it has bleed to lean back on. Others are no so fortunate.

I’m all for Tryko getting a small rework to keep relevant. Totally agree with 4500 HP and I’d love to see the return of resilient counter on It, It was a Very fitting ability for her. Of course, some adjustments would be necessary to compensate since it’s a very powerful ability. It would probably need to lose the ability to cleanse distraction and get something like deceleraring impact or even group deceleraring impact in place of resilient impact. The counter could also be 0.25x instead of 0.50 to make It more balanced. As for stun resistance, I don’t think It should be immune but It could have a bit of resistance, no more than 50% tho.

If It was up to me, i would do something like this:
download - 2021-06-17T151132.698

This version would be more bulky and more specialized in countering tanks rather than cunning creatures, as opposed to Dio being the better cunning counter but not as good for tank busting. It would have slighly less damage output, but with the counter It would still do a lot of damage and have much more utility. The stun resistance gives It a better chance as well but shouldn’t be that consistent.


You snuck in a little armor buff there too :wink:

This would also help it a lot with the flocks, and would probably keep it right within relevance without being too over the top.

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True, it’s currently leaning more as an anti cunning, but i’d personally rather have It as a more anti tank creature. There are already many resilient creatures better suited than tryko for countering cunning creatures, so It could have a role change

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Yeah something this I saw in thread a while back.

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Plus would help cunnings in a sense sure they still gonna be slow or hit first but they can distract it at least.

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I’d actually go with something like this:

GDI gives Tryko the now much-needed ability to screw with Flocks, since they’re becoming more and more prevalent due to just the mechanic itself.

I actually prefer Tryo’s crit and armor to be the same. 30% Critical Tryko is just more fun to use than 20%, and its armor can take a hit from the hybridization process since it gains so much compared to Ankyntrosaurus.

The attack does need to take a hit for the MRC to come back, so maybe to 1550 or 1500. I’d love to leave it at 1600 but I can’t realistically justify that.

Group Invincibility is there s simply a better version of IIT, in my opinion, even though it has little effect in the arena.

Decel Resist is my alternative to Stun Resist, as I think Decel is much worse of a problem than Stun at the moment.


I think i saw that one too, I might have been there in the discussion If It wasn’t me that did It lol, or just someone likely minded :laughing:
Full stun immunity seems a bit over the top tho and taunt resistance may actually be detrimental on raids :thinking:

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Group invincibility is way better, since if you’re opponent swaps or uses a priority move the shield stays up for the next turn. Especially in combination with the resilient counter.

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Hmm idk about 75% decel would be :ice_hockey::ice_hockey: if you were to meet a super nitro tryko. Same with the medium counter, I rather it have higher attack and a lower counter considering it can’t cleanse distraction it would keep it balanced. The rest I can agree with though.

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Nitro Trykos are a fair thing to worry about, actually.


But it’s more vulnerable to run and swap as it only lasts one attack so if you say use rinex and it goes GI, then rinex gets rid of the shield so what ever swaps in can get a free hit.

True but outside of nemys or indo raid I don’t see it being used in anything else.

Especially if it gets its bulk back it leave more room for more speed boosts