Tryko is too weak in the current meta

I would suggest

  1. For its HP to be increased by 50%;
  2. Attack damage should be increased by 50%;
  3. Counter attack damage should be increased to 1x damage;
  4. Speed should be increased to 128 or 129 (130 or 131 is better);
  5. Instant Invicibility should be Extended Long Invicibility instead (4x move invicible not 2).

At present, a L24 Tryko can only manage to wipe out a whole team (of 4). It should be stronger and be able to wipe out a team of 22 dinos without scratch.


I get the sarcasm but can we please not start the ‘tryko is op nonsense’. It’s now on par with uniques such as indo, dilorach and utahinex. It is now perfectly balanced


Totally agree! It seems that next update will begin with “it was a great miscalculation and we’ve nerfed tryko”


Tryko needed this badly. If you dont think so, then I have some nice ocean front property in Missouri to sell you. :sunglasses:


I just hate Tryko. He is real OP and can wipe my most of the Dinos :frowning:

There are still a good handful of Tryko counters (look at your Bleeders & Immune dinos). I’m pretty thrilled with this version of Tryko, it makes him such a threat to use, but with its counters in mind you still have to be mindful of your use of it

This OP was funny tho :smile:


Please give all of us who come across Tryko opponent without any counter dino a give up button.


Tryko is great now. Fits in where it should. Plenty of Dino’s still beat this dino. It needed to be reworked as it was previously a waste of DNA. I enjoy playing with tryko. Its more of a mental game to battle with. One wrong move and you could lose very easily. As I have said before this game is the most balanced it has ever been. Every dino has so many counters. As you could see if you looked at the LB. So much variety now.
Great job ludia!!


Agreed. He was a bit tricky to play before the rework, but right now he’s perfect. Useful in a lot of situations, but still has his weaknesses.

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Nah…it should have a special button that says KILL ALL.


Tryko deserves this makeover, considering the rarity of its ingredients ( all epic DNA). I don’t believe he is OP as there are lots of counters to it ( bleeders/ immune DS creatures). Battling with or against tryko has been the most fun I had in the arena. It’s not just pure power, coz you have to bring on your head game too.

Excellent job, Ludia. This is the best balance the game ever had.


This topic is becoming a high level discussion. We have half of the top 10 commenting here.

Just commenting because all of us have put alot of time Into this game. It has become a passion. Sorry if it makes anyone mad but it just hurts bad when you put that much time into something just to lose it. I mean I’m sure alot of ppl feel the same way when they Nerf everything. Just gets old you know


It was meant as a joke.

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Gotcha. My apologies

Try Tryostronix. Almost equally leveled. Magnapyritor should be useful too

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No requirement for apologies. We’re all friends here. Cheers!

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It’s just ridiculous. Tryko can switch between distract and invincible. And kill the dinos using counter.
With the amount if critical hits tryko gets, this is no problem.

It takes forever and is just booring.
There has to be more cooldown on one of the moves.

Same stupid mistake was made to ankyontrosaurus earlier. This was changed, and now the same has been done to tryko.
Ludia, please learn from previous mistakes.

How hard can it be to balance the game ?

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They don’t want to fully balance it, else who will spend?
Tryko needs all Epics (and legend which needs 2x epics) as ingredients so not easy for players not spending much.

But theres literally a thread on these same boards of people complaining about all their seeing is baryonyx as epic spawns…

Its almost like they planned out his power level increase and making tryo one of the most easy to obtain legendaries at the same time.