Tryko is too weak in the current meta

It’s finally worthy of the ingredients it’s composed of … they are not easy to attain. And tryko is not easy to beat.

Not easy… but also not impossible.

(Looking at you tryostronix )


Really I hate tryko and Big L … Frankly 2x OP attacks and one of them is no delay? Really?

Here we go again, if some people try to utter their frustrations that this certain dinos are too strong, oh come on, stop please. It’s so hard to level up a certain dinos then few will complaints bec too strong, beaten all dinos blah blah blah, I may not have Tryko yet but I love too if given a chance.
I know his strength but I guess if you have other dinos that would level it’s superiority why not. We are the master of our team. He may good on certain dinos but for sure you are good too in some aspects. It’s matter of balancing, strategy, perseverance and luck. Just a thought… :v::v::v:


Tryko is strong and it definitely deserves this. It’s ingredients are some of the most coveted epics in the game. I don’t have one yet personally but the first time I fought one since the update I was really impressed, almost lost my pyrritator but wisened up and switched to Tryostronix and KO’d it. It’s got a very nice toolkit but is by no means unstoppable.

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Just noticed what you need to get Tryko it definitely deserves to be a beast all the ingredients needed are hard to come by, it would be very disappointing if you worked so hard to get it and it was useless and everything has a counter so find one, We have to stop calling nerf every time you have a bad run of battles people have worked there butts off to get them and spent a lot of coin digital and in some case real coin, I get my butt handed to me all the time by new creatures I haven’t got or seen just makes me look forward to having them and working out counters for them. And if your having problems with a particular Dino the guys on here are awesome and always willing to give you advice on ways to counter and up your game just ask

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Trystronix or Trykosaurus?

Tryo is the only viable counter one-on-one. A high level bleeder may not stand a slim chance. In the previous meta, Stegod (with the APR) still stand a chance (against a lower level Tryko).

That said we have to pray that everytime we meet Tryko in the Arena, Tryo is among the four in our deck…:sweat_smile:

By no means I’m asking for a nerf to anything. Just a reminder of how this beast can eat into teams (and how it could have been made better from its current stats - considering the pain in growing her up to a much respectable levels).

Anyhows, Tryko is not my problem now anyways. My dinos are too weak to even be considered in the higher arenas…:blush:

I’m still not convinced about Tryostronix, maybe I need to just try it. But for the meantime an over-levelled Postimetrodon seems to be bulky, speedy and bitey enough for what I need it for (well almost, after it’s tragic nerf losing it’s second buffing move to regeneration - however I’ve still been able to use it to good effect).

Tryos beats it badly every time head to head.

To add to the counter list, Monostego can put Tryko in a place that is uncomfortable by being able to nullify the shield and stun if needed. It is a good dino to put in to win after Tryko has already gotten going to finish it off and move on.

Tryo has gone from a dino who if played properly could put an entire team in a bad spot.

To that plus also being the one of a few dinos who can beat Tryko, to being a much more versatile dino. The health amd speed buff means there actually are time rtc is a usable move.

Ive literally started a match with tryo and went through 2 1/3 before he went down. Before 1.5 i would never had started him, atleast now if i have a bad hand i can start him and not expect him to die.