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Tryko is trivialized now


On Lockwood and early Aviary I rarely saw any Trykos, but now, dear god, they’re everywhere! And that thing is starting to get on my nerves with its constant roaring! Just shut up and fight already! :joy:

Yeah, gonna need another immune or shield-breaker for this…


It’s wild ey! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, lucky my Magna is at decent lvl to crunch all the baby trykos


I’m a new tryko owner, and I’m loving it. I really enjoy running into a fellow tryko newbie that has no idea how to use it. I’ve been countering them for a while so I’ve already had a good crash course of when to attack and when to defend.


I think most people in the Aviary have one, but the event really changes the landscape of the lower arenas. I’m in a slow drop right now, experimenting with teams of rares and commons. This strategy used to level me off somewhere between 3000 and 3500 trophies. I am currently in the ruins with a team of very strong rares, and I’m in freefall. It’s all about the uniques that people got in the event. Mostly level 21s. I’m guessing my floor is somewhere below 3,000 now. That’s a big change.


Yup but he is surprisly useful for tower strikes!
More than dracocera atm


And there are A LOT of Tryko newbies out there. Many use distraction on immunes and bleeders or invincibility before a shield break.

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I love facing indoraptors. They use cleansing impact anticipating the distraction, but then I just chomp them. Then distract their DSR. Or better yet, they use evasive stance and my rampage crits through it. So satisfying.


Ever since I got erli and tryko from last week I’ve shot up almost 500 trophies and usually one or two battles from breaking into aviary, but I’ve faced some crazy high teams! Managed to beat a couple that were 5 levels above me with luck, but It’s not easy


i haven’t had a tryk vs tryk battle in a while, but not too long ago if both distracted, the lower one wouldn’t be distracted next turn, but the higher level would. not sure why, but take advantage of that.

also magna, tryostronix, spino, etc. many counters too it.

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evasive. APS to bait out a distract/invincibility… if you distract, shatter next turn. if you invincibility, cleanse next turn. still can go either way depending on dodge, but probably the best way to fight tryk.


I can imagine all the baby 21-22 Trykos just fighting among themselves. Analysis paralysis situations thanks to multiple priority moves. Sounds like fun!


it’s honestly good for the game. most games dont make it crazy hard to get stuff, the difficulty is in getting it to an elite level. like the game has almost been out a year and some people are just now getting it. just a good way to bore and frustrate a player base.

even during the beta, it was only 100 to unlock a legendary and 125 or 150 to get a unique. Then one update they just doubled it. nice to see more people unlocking more dinos :+1:


Actually, I’m finding this is now a coin flip. If you guess wrong, you’re toast. if you guess right, you have a very good chance of beating the Indo. But I mix it up now. Sometimes you can tell if player is very aggressive, and make a good guess. If I’m the indo, I may try to wait out the distract, in which case your strategy won’t work if Indo gets even a single block. If you don’t use your distract on the DSR, you’ll lose. Pretty much every time.

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that part is good for the game. it’s me vs you. not me vs you vs ludia RNG machine. yes dodges, crits come into play. but the mind games of “are they gonna distract or invincibility” and “are they gonna cleanse or rampage” is what should be deciding things.


Yeah with Indo it’s pretty much the Indo user having to guess and use cleanse in the same turn of Tryko’s distraction or it’s over.


It really is a guessing game, but I prefer those matchups over the ones that you know exactly how they’ll play out. Keeps the game more interesting.


That is BRILLIANT. Or perhaps, it’s inconceivable. Great use of a Princess Bride reference. I’m impressed!


This should make Tryostronix even more popular. It’s my most reliable tryko killer.

Thor and tenonto are good choices too.


I love tryko and erldi but would want to level them up a bit to be more specific and winning team


i love tryox, but now that trykos are getting bigger it’s a little dicey. kinda of a crit battle now. i think a 26 tryk kills a 30 tryostronix.

ready to go to 30, but that reason make me a little hesitent. also not having 250K :joy: :sob:

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