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Tryko or Dior?

Hi guys. I’m onto my next dino to build and I’m stuck between Tryko and Dior. What do you think it terms of arena (mid Aviary) and raids?

Looks like Tryko lost its ability with its counter? Dior looks like his has a higher damage counter plus it removes dodge and cloak so it has that going for it.


Tryko is more balanced in terms of tank to damage dealing ratio. If you are only looking for raids i reccomend dioraja but if you wamt something that will help you greatly in the arena I reccomend tryko


It really comes down to what your team looks like. Have 0-1 tanks your probably going to want Dior. Have a balanced out team use trykosaurus.

I run both. It’s a hard grind to divide Anky DNA, but it’s worth it.


In avairy Dio is gonna get you more bang for your buck. Because level 27-28 indos are still very much a thing in avairy. And dio completely shuts him down even under leveled.

Right now my team consists of:
Tryostronix level 23 (have the DNA for level 24 just need coins)
Sarcorixis level 25
Thyla level 21
Gemini level 21
Smilonemys level 21
Thor level 22
Quetzorion level 22
Erlidominus level 23

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Which creature are you relplacing?

Thyla is probably getting replaced. As good as she is, she is probably my weakest link.

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I’d say diorajasaurus.

With Grypo being really strong again, I’d say Tryko is better due to shatter abilities… Dio cant handle Grypo

why not both? both are good.

Both sides make compelling arguments. Now you see the dilemma I’m in. Realistically I should have both, but due to DNA and coin constraints I’m forced to chase after one first.


If you only want/need arena viability, go Tryko

If you want something that works well in raids and arena. Go Dio

You don’t run into grypo all that much in avairy. As someone who bounces between avairy and library I can say based on what you fight in those two dio gonna give you a positive impact sooner.

Tryko is a beast make no mistake but in terms of what your typically facing I personally find Dio to be the better option. You gotta fight the meta your facing not the meta you plan on facing.

Plus their are still plenty of max in avairy and dio is better then tryko in that matchup.

Either is fine. I rarely fight grypos in gyro, so either is good. I love dio, but tryko is not to be trifled with either.

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Both are great. I use both in shores and couldn’t pick between them. Tryko can hit hard but is also more fragile, Dio has more endurance but struggles with shields and regenerate dinos.

Dio can lead well, Tryko not so much… all in all you cannot go wrong with either.

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