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Tryko or Dioraja?


Trying to figure out which legendary to focus my Ankylosaurus DNA into since it’s hard to come by for me. Obviously the unique super hybrid will be the deciding factor. So Tryko or Dioraja? Can anyone post their stats and movesets? TIA!


Would like to know this also. I know this was event helped get my raja to 15 so can start working on either I think


I already have both Rajakylosaurus and Ankyntrosaurus but need to get one or the other to 20 now. :sob:

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Cool good job which one you like


I’ve only used Rajakylo but it’s pretty decent! Haven’t used Ankyntro but I’ve heard it just makes matches last 6 minutes.


This is Ankyntrosaurus (aka Annoyance) at level 20. Pretty good movesets and can make a duel last forever if you know how to play the cards right :rofl:


This is Rajakylosaurus at level 19, also great movesets.


I’m looking for the uniques. The Trykosaurus from Ankyntro and Diorajasaurus from Rajakylo.


This is Trykosaurus (aka Slowpoke) at level 24. I don’t have Diorajasaur yet. Tuojiangosaurus is hard to come by and I’m low on Ankylosaurus dna. Tryko would be far more effective if she isn’t so slow. As it is right now she is more a TRex with armor and one round of invincibility but unlike her cousin Indorex she is susceptible to be stunned and slowed.


The counter is crappy too. I guess better than no counter though, it’s still free damage.


Her biggest downfall is her speed. I’m actually going to redirect my Rex dna to IndoRaptor and Indorex. Indorex has been stagnant at level 20 but I think it’s time to level her up, she’s easier to use and control than Tryonstronix for me

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I’m working toward Indoraptor too. My IRex is a 20 and my Vraptor is 19. I have loads of Rex DNA saved so it’s just a matter of Vraptor. And they’re insanely common around me it’s just soooo time consuming to get that much DNA to level and then 500 per IRex fuse and 2k per Iraptor fuse! I’ve been setting off tons of common scents at night to help.


It’s a matter of preference if anything.

Though, if you have Rajakylosaurus, Diorajasaurus isn’t such an insane upgrade to it.

Meanwhile Trykosaurus is a T. Rex or Allosinosaurus on steroids and the best tankbuster (while also being an offensive tank herself) on the highest levels.

I’d personally go for Trykosaurus.


Here’s Dioraja

Dioraja can take down a higher level Rajakylo(which has more HP and longer Shield).
It’s distracting impact proves to be a factor.
Tryko on the other hand, can destroy Dioraja at any given time.

Tryko is more of an offense oriented tank while Dioraja is more of a defensive tank.
But personally, I’d like to have them both on my team. :wink:

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I love dioraja’s design, so I’ll make him regardless if he’s bad or not :stuck_out_tongue:

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I just made dio because kentrosaurus just doesn’t exist. I’m about 140/250 to unlocking tryke. I think tryke is better because it has a shattering attack. So dio probably will stay at 21 forever.

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Your gaming experience reaches max level when you are playing a decent tank buster like tryko. There’s been discussion on allosinosaurus and tryko but in my view tryko contribute lot more before it dies whereas allo can make that up by sustaining a few more rounds. If not, then it’s a simple option. Not sure about Dio and raja thou, the former seems a better counter to tank busters comparing to the latter, but does less well to tanks. If I am correct, although dio is of a progressive class, there’s a trade-off between them.

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At what level would you say Diorajasaur should be in order to be viable at Arena 8? I have a Trykosaurus at level 24 but still trying to find a way to work around her lack of speed. Haven’t created Dioraja yet because Ankylosaurus is extinct in my Zone 4


Dioraja is pretty useful right after you created her, but it still depends on your team setup and strategy.

Treat Tryko as if she’s a T-rex. You can either start her up or you can put her last, she is there to give you kills. Whereas, Dioraja is a set-up dino and is mainly there to help you strategize for your next Dinos in battle.

Currently, I’m at 4.8k+ Trophies and I’m still using my level 19 Ankyntro while my other dinos are over lvl20, It’s because Ankyntro is just so useful to me for my strategies. :wink:


In my humble opinion… neither!

I’ve been debating for a long time about which way I should split my anky dNa. I had adored both of them for a long time, especially tryko (as @Idris can attest to)

Honestly tho, I don’t think either one would be an asset and there are plenty of legendaries (even epics) that are easier to level up and would trump both of these uniques even at equal levels.

I’d be happy to hear support/protest …

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