Tryko or Indor?

Should I upgrade Tryko or Indoraptor?

I’d say Indor.

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definitely tryko

Indo is much more viable currently

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Indoraptor 100%

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I haven’t seen an indoraptor in months in shores or gyro. Trykos are still up there and that was before the buff.

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I would go tryko. Indo is shut down very heavily even with its recent buff. Tryko is making a bit of a comeback with its buff.

He might not be in those arenas.

I use indoraptor in gryo

Can hold its own against fierce dinos.

The new counter works really well with evasive stance and with the fierce rampage it can do some damage.

But it still needs an extra buff either more hp or a overall buff to evasive stance would prefer a 100% chance dodge rather than 75%

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I don’t think it needs another buff. It’s too easy to make.

Tryko, on the other hand, a creature made of3 epics, deserves some more love.


I dont think being easy to make doesnt mean it cant get another buff.

The new legendary hybrids are easy to make and yet they have better resistances and better moves.

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That’s because the recent legendaries are broken.

You shouldn’t have to grind less to get a more powerful creature. One thing ludia doesn’t seem to understand now a days.

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Definitely Indoraptor

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Yeah, these legendary dino need some tweaking.

But I would personally prefer the evasive stance buff. Just removes bad rng that doesnt need to be there. Like you outplay someone with evasive stance and they get that cursed 25% :joy:

But back to the question it depends on what your team needs.
Tank - Tryko
Speed/dmg - Indoraptor


Indoraptor is actually pretty good now that it got a huge buff! So definitely Indoraptor

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It’s not nowadays it’s always been this way. And it likely always will.

Monomimus, dg2, dracocera, proceratho, monolo…all spent significant time as time meta Dino’s despite being fairly easy to create especially when compared to other Dino’s of similar rarities.

People on these boards have been under the impression that it should be apex>unique>legendary>epic but Ludia has not only never said that they give blanket statements like rarity is “considered” or components are considered.

But in practice Ludia appears to have a more complex balance system where what they have different tiers inside each rarity and an S tier Legendary is right their with is s tier unique counterparts and is even above A tier uniques.

Before apex we’re a thing it was pretty normal to see some epics at the top of the leaderboard.

In 4 years their has never been a time where their wasnt a few extremely easy to make Dino’s that hit way above their weight class. Ludia wants some easy to make boost sink Dino’s for the mid arenas as well.

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