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Tryko shouldn't be able to decelerate and remove dodges

Tryko was already super powerful with its shattering rampage and counter attack, pretty tough to deal with, but at least you had distraction and speed advantages to counter it. Now it can take down about anything without deceleration immunity with its decelerating counter. Not to mention that it also now can remove dodges… And what happens in a turn or two? It does 3-10 000 damage and finishes you off.

How the deuce are you supposed to counter this overpowered monster?
What the deuce were Ludia thinking when they “balanced” the arena and gave Tryko these unfair advantages?


They made a hybrid of a Resilient and a Fierce without taking into account what that would mean. Weird part is, they nerfed the Cunning/Fierce hybrids. I think in the process of trying to align dinos more distinctly with one category over the other, they weren’t sure which to choose for Tryko and tried to do both. Unfortunately, the reason they’ve been trying to align their hybrids with only one category is the massive power creep and overpowered kits a lot of superhybrids had before the last update. Now, having a hybrid that takes from more than one category is very powerful because almost nothing else has that benefit.

They also decided to end total immunity at the same time, which compounds the issue.


Tryko was nice and balanced before. I really don’t know what they were thinking with it.


I sound like a broken record at this point but the easy way is just make weak to distraction, the impact is the main problem as it cleanses distraction, the counter actually isn’t broken since you have to hit trigger it so something like erlidom, indo, or indom only need to really use one turn in order do there big hits and don’t have to worry about being shut down by the impact. Still what ludia did makes sense it’s made from two herbivores (anky and kentro) so it should have something from them. And so slow would be a good option, I mean Geminititan and maxima have slow, tenato, dioraj, nemys. It just needs to be kept in check by something, IE: slow, bleed, stun, shields, armor, etc. And I’m not saying it’s not broken, it is , it just doesn’t take much to balance it.


They could replace resilient impact with decel impact so that Tryko can’t cleanse distraction. But in exchange It should get 4500 HP back.


Easy fix, seperate raid moves from the battle arena. Some creatures can have small changes in their moves regarding to giving cunning, resilience, etc. Better yet, give new creatures these new moves. Give us back the arena moves.