Tryko (unique) beats me everytime


If I remember people here say Tryko is not good and thus I last event went to make Dioraja rather than Tryko.

Now I see that whereever I face enemy Tryko I lose 1 full hp and at-least 2nd half HP of my dinos (and that when I see level 21 tryko).

How to beat this beast?


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Make it bleed



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Even level 21, 2x Shatter hits hard :frowning:

Its rough. The other 2 comments are your best bet though. Bleed it, or tryo it.

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Who said it was bad? It’s currently one of if not the best dinos.

He meant it was bad before the update.

Thoradolosaur is a nice counter as well

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As said above, Tryos kills it.

Bleeders just die beside it.

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Possibly the best dino after the version changes … and a dino that I will never have.

Ohhh really? I thought after update its going bad more.

I really used all my Ankylo DNA on making Dioraja. Is Dioraja any good like Tryko?

Hes not even close to tryko in terms of power level there are few dinos as good as tryko currently and even before this update most places that are not these forums had tryko as one of the best dino ls in thos game.

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Nasty bugger. Took out half my dinos last time I met one and it’s only level 22.

Just a pretty please not someone out here already wanna call a nerf on her.

If you want to put tryko down in 1on1, try getting so close to a position where you can force tryko to use Instant invincibility as possible. You anticipate him as much as he has to anticipate you.

I won’t call for nerf but really want a buff for Dioraja. He sucks bad :frowning: and I am cursing myself to create him rather than Tryko (somehow had in mind that Tryko sucks mentioned on forums but my mistake) :sob:

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Tryko has never sucked. That persons advice was sabotage :joy:

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The complexity of its ingredients had this day coming… just pray for yourself happen to have a tryo when fighting a tryko.

1640 attack pre update with .25 counter dss and then apr/dsr each back to back with instant invis in between. How would one view that as bad lol

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That’s what I am saying. That somehow I had that in my mind which was not right and my mistake :frowning:

I don’t understand your first point. You mean ingredients are going to be easier to get for Tryko soon?

And I have level 22 Tryo but not sure if he can do something to him. Should I level my Tryo to 23 (but then I have to use Dimetrodon DNA which I want to save for creating Magna) … confused.

Please suggest