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Tryko visual glitch and double stun


Bug Description: It seems there is a glitch in animation when Tryko is stunned. It doesn’t move at all (animation frames appear to freeze for a few seconds) and the stun goes for 2 turns.

Area is was found in:

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- My Tryko got stunned by Utarinex (it could be any dino with the stunning move though)
Step 2 - My opponent got a free move and my Tryko remained stunned and couldn’t counter back.

How often does it happen: In every battle

What type of device are you using: iPhone


Did u use instant invincibility or instant distraction before it used instant stun?


I can’t remember but I might have used ID.


Yeah than this usually happens that ur stunned for two turns so that opponent can deal u the dmg u protected yourself against.
Can‘t explain it better, sry, but this is normal. I agree that this isn‘t nice and I think the last counter shouldn‘t be stopped too.


But Tryko shouldn’t be stunned for 2 turns. Unless 2 stunning moves were used (one after another) but only one was in my case. Tryko doesn’t move and it looks like a glitch.


Utarinex is faster than Tryko, so Utarinex should go first in every turn.
When you use ID, you take the priority, the order of that turn is reversed. So the stunning move is activated after your ID, so your next move (in the next turn) is disabled. In the next turn, utarinex goes first again, but your turn is disabled, then followed by turn 3 in which Utarinex goes first again.
You may try to read here:


That is not what happened.

  1. Utarinex starts with stunning, Tryko is stunned and can’t use his counter attack special ability (this is totally OK)
  2. Utarinex uses priority, Tryko is still stunned and can’t use his counter attack special ability (this is not OK)
  3. Utarinex uses distraction, Tryko is finally able to choose any move and he also can counter attack

So basically it’s stunned for 2 turns, instead of one.


Utarinex cannot start with Instant Charge in its turn 1 since it has a 1-turn delay.
If your Tryko was swapped in while Utarinex was already in the field, since Utarinex should have one free attack, Instant Charge made your next turn (this should be the first turn of your Tryko) disabled.
It should look like this:
Tryko swapped in.
Turn 0: Instant Charge, Tryko stunned, no counter attack
Turn 1: Utarinex any attack. Tryko’s turn disabled, no counter attack
Turn 2: Utarinex attacks first (except Tryko uses ID),Tryko counter attacks, followed by Tryko’s attack.


After my first dino was killed I swapped in Tryko to deal with Utarinex so he was able to start with IC.

I do understand that Utarinex got 1 free move after successful IC but Tryko’s special counter attack ability should have worked in his following move which was DI.

Also, it must have something to do with that glitch when tryko stands still and everything else moves around him (animation wise) but not him.


I had a similar experience.

Maybe a glitch or bug?


Counter attack dinos are especially crippled by stuns. The devs built it into their damage, so when they get stunned, they really underperform. And since they are almost always slower, they miss two counter attacks when using a priority move.


Yeah, it’s not stunned for 2 turns. Stun makes you miss only one of your own turns. If you put yourself in a position when missing one turn means missing two counter-attacks, that’s your own fault.


I’m talking about 0.50x counter - attack here. I totally get that I’m losing one turn when my Tryko gets stunned and also counter - attack with it but in the next turn Tryko should counter - attack after each hit. Am I missing something here? :sweat_smile:


You’re stunned from the moment you’re stunned until your “missed” turn. If there’s another of your opponent’s attacks between the one that stuns you and before the stun ends, obviously you can’t counter it, you’re stunned.

Pretty sure you’d miss 3 counters (not 2) if that second attack is an R&R into SI-DSR or something. At least that’s how it seems it’s supposed to work.


Does it mean that stunning lasts for 2 or 3 turns on all counter-attack dinos? I don’t think that is right. Losing one turn is fair but taking away special ability is another.


no, the stun duration has nothing to do with them having counter-attacks. but it does make sense that you lose your counter while stunned.

i believe it is messed up though because you do lose 2 turns and 2 counter-attacks and can’t do anything until you get hit the 3rd time. notice how any other time a dino is stunned, it’s not allowed to do anything. but when you use ID/II and utarinex uses IC , you are stunned, BUT the priority indicator still flashes over tryko indicating the game is still taking your move into account, even though it doesn’t do anything, and even though it shouldn’t, because you are stunned.

also notice, that if you just use the basic attack, you will just be stunned for that turn, but ready to go with an attack and counter next turn because you are unstunned.

regardless, you’re are probably just better off not using those moves vs instant charge. just attack. however, when facing tryko, you can use this bug to your advantage.