Tryko vs spyx - how does that go again?

I seem to recall reading that if both sides play correctly it ends in a draw. I goofed it recently (almost never see spyx) and it went like this (I had tryko)



At this point I’d have been dead to a rampage so I ID. What was I suppose to do? I forget.

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In thin you go lethal then distraction but I remember that spxs either loses or it ends in a tie it never out right wins tryko

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I knew I had an article on this haha. It says Yoshi vs. Nemys, but there is also a bit about Spyx vs. Tryko.


There it is, ty!!!

Might work against low HP spyx, but if you get a slightly chunky one might not work lol.


It really depends honestly on how they are played, once again… another AWFUL and DISGUSTING guessing game.

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I dont understand why erliko takes full damage from counter attack when tryko used instant distract on turn 2. I use spyx and it is so annoying. DD should decrease attack for 2 turns. Seems like counter attack counts as turn 3. That does not make sense to me.